“Amish Tripathi’s book the most anticipated book of 2017” -Landmark


To celebrate the magic of the written word, Landmark, a Tata Enterprise and is one of India’s largest leisure & entertainment retailers, conducted the survey ‘Most anticipated book of 2017’. Spread across 40 cities with a sample size of 1000 respondents, aged over 15, the survey encapsulates most awaited books this year.

Insights reveal that mythological fiction trumps all as Amish Tripathi’s book ‘SITA – Warrior Of Mithila’ is the most awaited book across all genders and age groups, with a whopping 36.85% participants exhibiting their inclination towards his upcoming work. Supernatural thrillers closely follow mythological fiction, with Stephen King’s ‘Sleeping Beauties’ being the second most preferred book with almost 36.01 % respondents waiting with bated breath for his upcoming work.

According to the results, thrillers take up the hot seat amongst other book genres this season as psychological thriller novelist Paula Hawkins is the third most adored author with 34.6% respondents waiting to grab the copy of new novella ‘Into The Water’.

The survey threw up other interesting trivia from the world of books. Millenials prefer Paula Hawkins over other authors like Ken Follett, Stephen King and Dan Brown. After the success of intriguing thriller ‘The Girl on the Train’, we are not surprised!

The Gen X would rather ponder over Arundhati Roy’s work than the blood curdling tales by Stephen King.  The critically acclaimed writer Arundhati Roy, whose latest book is all set to release 19 years after her first book ‘God of Small Things’ is the second most awaited book by 17.42% of la femme readers.

Data reveals that Dan Brown’s soon-to-be published, ‘Origin’ has already created a buzz amongst 8% of male readers despite 5 months to the launch. Something tells us 2017 would be an exciting affair of books! Experience, discover and bring stories alive, exclusively at Landmark stores.



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