Author: Jayant Rajimwale

Selfie – Self Love and Narcissism

News that three young boys were killed in taking selfie was horrible. It is beyond one’s imagination that precious lives could be sacrificed like this. These three boys wanted to take snap from the fast running train. One of them tried to shoot when on other side another train was crossing and he met his death.  His body fell out of the compartment. But the story does not end here. Two survived friends got down and started making search for his body. Out of anxiety they could not take care of trains coming and going on the tracks. And...

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Human greed strengthens monster of corruption

Water water everywhere But not a drop to drink This is the story of a sailor who when thirsty cannot quench his thirst although there were water everywhere. This song is about sea waters which sailors see in east, west, north and south standing on the deck of the ship, and all know that sea water is not potable. This poem is known as “Song Of Sailors” Today, men and women, boys and girls, workers and farmers, bosses and subordinates, employers and employees, traders and businessmen, everybody is facing the same problem on land which the sailors face on...

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New Year, New Policies and New President in America

New Year for America and the world has brought new uncalled for problems.  America has not been invaded by any country, nor there is drought or famine-like conditions, no spread of bird flu has gripped yet the election of Donald Trump is the worry of that nation as also the whole of the world. Trump is a new man for politics; throughout his life he never entered into any political event nor behaved like a leader. He is a constructor and builder, plus runs other businesses smoothly and smartly. Politics has come in his life only recently and he...

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Victory of bull sport

Some events make us worry, some make us laugh and some others call us for serious thinking. Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu is one such incident which has become a national problem. Jallikattu is nothing but bull taming exercise in which all Tamilians are interested from the core of their hearts. In fact, Jallikattu is part and parcel of the Pongal festival. From last more than four hundred years this bull taming on occasion of that festival is going on, so people there are very much attached to the event. Jallikattu now has become a hot issue for the Supreme...

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