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Land-movements and Non-violence

In India, the most publicized land-movement was the Bhoodhan movement. In the 1950s and 60s, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, Vinobha Bhave walked across the country asking for gifts of land. His strategy was to ask land-owning families to treat him as one of their own and give him one share of the land, which can then be redistributed to the landless people. It took fourteen years for Bhave to walk across the country and collect a little more than 4 million acres of land. This was a very radical approach based on his philosophy of ‘change of heart’....

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Writing on the wall against mainstream political parties

Kitna Halla Tha! Congress Mukt Bharat, Swacch Bharat, Man Ki Baat, Ghar Wapasi, trips to US, Australia and Myanmar, the great Obama show, Make in India campaign and what not? But the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its government now have started feeling the heat after the Aam Admi Party (AAP) tsunami that swept Delhi, leaving just three out of 70 seats into its kitty in the recent assembly election. In the post-emergency polls, in 1977, the Congress got only one seat in North India. Now, the entire Delhi BJP MLAs can travel together in a Tata Nano. Peoples’...

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Saksham’ – a school for speciallly abled children

Saksham, a residential school, is functioning for the specially abled children at Geedam Development Block in South Bastar (Dantewada), is the only school of its kind in Chhattisgarh where teachers are trained through ultra-modern techniques while keeping the special requirements of these children in minds. Efforts are being made to boost the confidence level of these students and encourage them to face the real challenges in the real world. The architecture of the school’s building meets every special needs of children, which also helps them in carrying out their daily chores. During afternoon hours they attend special classes while...

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Struggle together to bring basic changes in socio-economic system

In an exclusive interview to Mitaan Express, PV Rajagopal, National President and Founder of Ekta Parishad said basic changes in the economic, political, social and educational system of the country is the need of the hour. Superficial changes and patch work will not have any impact. Impact will come only if we can make basic, structural changes at these levels. What is the basic agenda you stand for? We stand for the agenda proposed by Jayprakash Narayan, which is about – ‘Total Revolution,’ that is basic change in the economic, political, social and educational system of the country. We...

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Information Technology Impact on Youth, Their Development & Lifestyle

Information and Communication Technologies or ICTs as they are collectively called have made enormous strides. In a relatively short period of time of our planet’s history, its impact has been felt across the globe and through various strata of society. It would not be untrue to say that no one has been left untouched in some way or the other. However, the benefits have not been spread evenly andin fact, this has given rise to a new form of divide often called the “digital divide”. Due to the lack of resources and particularly the economic might, the poor never...

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