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Mumbai based Mamta Khan crowned Mrs India Earth 2017 Glamorous

“Flying with my feet on the ground. Simple yet strong, free Spirited yet grounded” is how Mrs India Earth 2017 Finalist,Mamta Khan describes herself. The gorgeous lady who hails from Maharashtra, Mumbai recently represented Mumbai at the National stage in Delhi. Being chosen in the Top 25, Mamta Khan was conferred with the title of Mrs India Earth Glamorous. Mrs India Earth 2017 is a perfect platform that admires, salutes and celebrates the power of beauty, achievements and accomplishments of married women. An opportunity to fulfill their dream, build an identity and leave a mark across.The pageant has been tagged as the pageant with...

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Miracle Foundation creates ‘miracles’ for 194 children ​

Miracle Foundation India, a non-profit organization based in New Delhi and in Austin, US empowers children without parental care to reach their full potential. The NGO is supporting 194 children in higher education. Together with their donors, Miracle Foundation has successfully raised funds to send 194 students to college. Miracle Foundation strongly believes that education is the single most important factor in breaking the cycle of poverty. By receiving a quality education, children are empowered to reach their full potential and become healthy, happy, thriving adults. Educating children without parental care benefits not only the kids themselves, but also the communities...

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Billions in Change 2 offers First Look at New Life-Changing Inventions

Billionaire philanthropist Manoj Bhargava offered an exclusive live look at the new life-changing inventions featured in the recently released documentary film, Billions in Change 2. Invited guests at the event were given hands-on access to the HANS™ PowerPack—a portable device that generates and stores electricity for basic uses—and the HANS™ Solar Briefcase—a portable solar power station—both of which were designed to serve the billions around the world living without reliable access to electricity. “Electricity is the great enabler,” says Bhargava. “It opens all sorts of opportunities related to education, income, entrepreneurship, communication.” And yet, nearly half the world still...

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I-T attaches properties of Rabri and her daughter

Lalu Prasad and his family members are likely to face more hardships from all around. On one hand, Lalu and his younger son Tejashwi have been questioned in railway hotel allotment scam, on the other Income Tax sleuths have attached three properties belonging to  Lalu’s wife and former CM of Bihar, Rabri Devi, and his daughter Hema Yadav in different localities of Patna. Income Tax has attached these properties for 90 days on temporary. During this period Income Tax will summon Rabri and Hema and will question about these properties. If their answer will be not satisfactory, properties will be...

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CCTNS Digital Police Portal launched to fast-track Criminal Justice System in the Country

As crime continues to grow, and criminals turn tech-savvy, police investigators across States face a tough challenge to bring the law-breakers to justice.The situation is,however, undergoing a revolutionary change. The Digital Police Portal launched by the Government of India as part of the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS), in August this year, will not only help police sleuths track the criminals fast, but also help the victims seek redress online. The total IPC crimes in the country increased from 28.51 lakh in 2014 to 29.49 lakh 2015. According to the Union Home Ministry’s latest annual report...

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