Author: Prashant Jain

Recollecting the memories of Japan visit

It was hot and humid when we departed for our trip to Japan unlike the slightly cool weather when we returned back just after 10 Days on 06th June’17.  Same was the condition of our curiosity which was red hot when we were preparing for the trip and now there is calmness inside after our thirst has been satiated by the immense pleasure and learnings we obtained during the trip. As usual, it all started with booking of tickets by our company and further our applications for Visa formalities to Japan. As we were planning to do a layover...

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International Workers’ Day: 1st May

The fastest running hand of the clock, the hand which creates the first momentum, provides the first pull to the other two hands, works incessantly but remains least observed. Looks quite debilitated but works without fail. While watching the time, people don’t even consider it, except during sports events. It is creating the ‘first’ pull even than it is given the name ‘second’ hand. Why anyone should be considered second when they are the prime force for the development of the society. Yes you have got it right. I am talking about our labour force on the occasion of...

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Excessive Exposure to Excitations

Once there lived a man who inculcated a habit to get intoxicated everyday with the bite of a venomous snake. It was a gradual process which started with a very small quantity and reached a level when he could accept whatever quantity of venom the snake injects in his body. He became immune to this venom. Getting immune to some repeated experience is converse to getting sensitive to something when we observe abstinence. You can experience this if you start having milk, tea or coffee without sugar for few days. After some days even a small quantity of sugar...

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Last Hundred Days on Earth

Recently Stephen Hawking predicted that we have 1,000 more years left on Earth before we go extinct. Moreover, he also adds that in upcoming 100 years, Mars will become approachable. So moving further from this point spreading our imagination let’s move to a point where we have only 100 days left on this planet. However, present generation is not going to face this situation in their lifetime but let’s have an expedition in time just for the sake of excitement. Now think as if we are sitting 1,000 years ahead. It has been identified that Mars has been found...

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Stop preparing and start the journey

Each of us has received at least some valuable gems of knowledge from our parents which we openly admire and boast that it’s the ultimate knowledge. Similar in the league are the words spoken to me by my father once that birth and death are undebatable facts. Rest everything has an element of suspicion. According to Steve Jobs, “If we live each day as it would be our last, some day we are most certainly be right.” No one has ever seen an exception to death. Organisms die, Organisations do and so do the celestial bodies. Even in mythology...

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Cartoon by V.K. Ogale


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