Author: Samuel Mathai

Caste matters in Gujarat poll

Propaganda, communal divide, appeasement, blatant lies and emotional rhetoric resulted in the saffron surge in India. BJP’s Gujarat win is no different. It has nothing to do with development or reforms that the BJP government claims. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fought off a resurgent Congress to retain Gujarat for a record 6th consecutive term, though with the lowest-ever tally of 99 in the 182-member Vidhan Sabha in the past 22 years. However, the party remarkably swept Himachal Pradesh with 44 seats, a two-thirds majority. In the felicitation function at the party headquarters, Delhi, the BJP chief, Amit Shah...

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Right wing activists unleash terror on X’ian priests

Right wing activists beaten up eight priests and torched their vehicle outside a police station in Madhya Pradesh on December 14. The assault victims had been attempting to assist 30 seminarians and two priests detained at Satna police station by the Madhya Pradesh police for alleged conversion charges. This is the 48th attack on the Christians this month, according to an ecumenical forum that records Christian persecution in India. The trouble started when a group from St Ephrem’s Theological College in Satna town went to a local village to sing Christmas carols. A villager on the occasion alleged that...

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The Character Assassination Politics

In politics, it is common to make allegations and counter allegations. But the greatest anathema of Indian politics today is that the politicians and their affiliated parties, throwing all ethics and established decorum to the wind, are playing dirty games to run down their opponents. In the country, the largest democracy of the world with around 130-crore population, the elected representatives, it seems, have no work enshrined in the Constitution for them to do, but to peep at the private life of opponents and mud-slinging and casting aspersions on each other. They have no fear of the people who...

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For whom the bell tolls

Economy has gone haywire. A seed of discord has been sown in the society. The voice of the opposition is gagged. The journalists who are critical of the government are falling to bullets. The rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. Farmers are committing suicide. The government is busy in chest thumping and making election strategy. To which direction the country is going? For whoever has will be given more, and they will have abundance. But whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them – The Holy Bible: Matthew 25:29.  This famous maxim...

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Justice is improving

Justice in India, the wheel of which has been slow and wobbly, and was rolling in odd directions over the years, has now started showing some sign of improvement. With the recent historic rulings, the judiciary has restored its former glory and instilled confidence in the people of the country in the law of the land. In the 1970s the Supreme Court, which is meant to uphold the Constitution of the country, endorsed emergency laws that denied citizens any recourse against unlawful arrest. Last year it anachronistically ordered cinemas to play the national anthem before every screening, and moviegoers...

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