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Billionaire ‘godman’ to spend life in jail

A Rajasthan court on Wednesday (April 25, 2018) jailed self-styled ‘godman’ Asaram Bapu for life for raping a teenage girl at his Ashram at Jodhpur. It’s a classic example of Indian heartland’s fascination with spiritual gurus, who wield immense influence for their ability to mobilise millions of adherents, amass untaxed funds and find favour with politicians. The judge delivered the guilty verdict at a jail in the city in Rajasthan, where Asumal Sirumalani Harpalani, commonly known as Asaram Bapu, has been held since September 2013. The 77-year-old, who has more than 400 ashrams across the world according to his...

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God Honours Those Who Honour Him

God honours those who honour Him. The Bible cites as God declares, “Those who honour me I will honour, but those who despise me will be disdained.” (1 Samuel 2:30) Billy Graham, the renowned Gospel preacher who spoke to millions across the world in his lifetime and one of the most celebrated and non-controversial men in history, died on February 21, 2018 at the age 99. Death is a common denominator to all living things. But, the death of a saint is something special to God. It is a time of rejoicing as the saint leaves this world of...

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KISS Transforms Millions of Lives

“Anyone can love a rose, but only a great heart can include the thorns.” In this age of greed, selfishness and hatred, only a great heart can love the unlovable and the less-fortuned and accept them. It is not an easy task to render selfless service to the humanity, when the world around one is neck-deep in corruption, involved in organised loots, murder, scams and fraud to become rich. But in the midst of that also still there are human beings who are sacrificing their lives for the humanity’s sake and selflessly working for their uplift. When you start...

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Unheard demands take farmers to street

Protests by farmers in Indian states in the recent past, pressing the government to offer them more help have tossed a simmering agrarian crisis into the spotlight. Sometimes these protests turn fatal, as witnessed in Madhya Pradesh, where five farmers were killed as the police fired on a group of protestors. In Maharashtra, the protest staged by farmers in a peaceful manner over loan waivers, prices and land rights at Mumbai on March 12 has come to a happy ending, as the BJP government in the state has, as usual, showed them ‘lollipops’ of promises. But then, there is...

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Right wing goons destroy decades old Christian hospital

Right wing Hindu activists on March 12 destroyed a partition of more than four-decade-old mission hospital run by Catholic nuns in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, even as a dispute over it was pending in court for adjudication. The goons also manhandled the hospital staff and misbehaved with the nuns who opposed their illegal act. According to sources, a drove of about 60 activists along with an earth mover and other sharp equipments razed down the boundary wall of Pushpa Mission Hospital, a mission hospital run by nuns under the Syro-Malabar Catholic diocese and erected a fencing claiming the ownership...

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