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Indian Cricket Test Team for outside the Sub-Continent-Selection & Preparation!

Australian tour is around the corner. The experience of test matches in England must be fresh in the minds of the selectors. So, what should we be looking at for the test matches in Australia. Let’s be clear and mindful of one thing. Hardly any batsman in the world now or ever before can claim mastery over the overcast condition, when the ball moves quite a bit in the air and off the seam. Even the English batsmen’s plight was quite dismal during the last test series. The important point, however, is that they kept winning and we kept...

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The One – Day Cricket team selection – special talent vs the good ones!!!

What is “special talent”? Players who have the ability to impact the result! Who are the batsmen in the existing one-day team from this stand point alone? Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul? So, they logically must get selected. In limited over games, your best opener is the one who can get the “quickest starts” for the team. K.L. Rahul’s audacity at the top with great “cricketing shots”, and his youthful energy, should ideally pace him to open the innings along with Shikhar Dhawan. We also know that he is not suitable in the middle order. Therefore,...

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T20 & One Day – catching ’em young or going the staid traditional way!!!

How often it happens in Indian Cricket! Young talent & skills are made the scape goat while experience and age are cushioned. KL Rahul, with his consistently outstanding exhibitions, has shown that he is certainly up there with the best in the business of scoring fast runs, particularly from the outset of the innings. In limited over games, your best opener is the one who can get the “quickest starts” for the team. If full use of the power play is not made, a huge advantage is given to the opponent. Rohit Sharma has always needed time to settle...

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One-Day Woes!

The selectors have done an excellent job in picking up the test side and the T20 team. Although the “one-day” matches win loss record on paper looks impressive, the key concern of structuring the middle order batting must take shape soon. There are signs of right steps being taken in this direction, still as a cricket enthusiast, I am tempted to add my “two-bit”. KL Rahul is our natural opening batsman whose innate style is to score fast. In both, the test matches and the T20s, he has shown his flair and penchant for scoring quick runs. He has lost his position...

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South Africa sojourn – Could India have done better in the first test match!

May be, maybe not. But certainly, they should do a few things better. Never embark on such tours as the present South African one, or to England, New Zealand without a few practice games under your belt. KL Rahul must replace Shikhar Dhawan. On tracks, where the ball seams and swings with a lot of lateral movement, Dhawan is not the best candidate. He plays a little “airy-fairy” and away from the body and is not in the same class as Virendra Sehwag! Rohit Sharma is a colossal player on easy wickets. Under tough batting conditions or in unfriendly  ...

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