Author: Sobhan Kar

Rise, Walk, See, Speak

Our tryst with destiny languishes today! In the proverbial pit of filth. The sacrifices of Gandhi, Bose, et al; And the golden dreams of every freedom fighter; Have been belied and butchered mercilessly. We the People of India Had solemnly resolved to create a new India. An India glorious and prosperous; An India for every Indian. Yet, we the People of India have Presided over the burial of the Solemn Resolution! Time to rise from slumber, From silent acceptance of Corruption, mediocrity and Deception! Rise, O Countrymen, and see the Decadence! Walk to every nook and corner – Of...

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The Muzaffarpur Shame is India’s Collective Shame

This is our collective shame! Orphaned little girls in a shelter home deserve the society’s love and empathy. Instead, they got brutalised, humiliated and violated night after night. And nobody stepped in to help till Tata Institute of Social Sciences exposed the perpetrators. What do we do and where do we hide our shame? God knows what would be happening in our numerous orphanages and shelter homes all over the country! Let us demand stringent social audit of all such places by reputed and credible institutions/NGOs. As a society we should not be mute spectators to such spectres of...

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‘Shikhar Sethi was more than a washerman for us’

My mother informed me this morning that our washerman at Bhubaneswar passed away after a brief illness. He was in his early 70s. Shikhar Sethi was more than a washerman for us. He was a member of the family and was present on every family occasion. His wife and daughter were part of the family too. I know them since the age of 4…….a 40 year relationship ended today! As tears rolled down, my mind took me back to the Sahid Nagar of the 1980s. Shikhar was a young man then and was an energetic worker. Washing and ironing...

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Rahul Dravid – The Conscience of Indian Cricket

Indian colts are the world champs!! Congratulations boys!! This is the moment to reflect upon the team’s coach – Rahul Dravid. There cannot be a better coach and mentor than Rahul, the most affable and genuine human being! Rahul’s contribution to Indian cricket was always put at second place after Sachin’s in their playing days. No doubt that Sachin was a genius and was the hopes of millions…..but Rahul has saved and won more matches for India! He kept wickets for a long time in ODIs to lend balance to the team – that’s selflessness. While Sachin ruled the...

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