Dr Jawahar Surisetti named in the top 24 movers of India

Dr Jawahar Surisetti has been named in the 24 top people who have contributed to society most by Indian Express in India. Others include Yogi Adityanath and Kamal Hassan .
Dr Jawahar has been called the “Pundit of Policy” due to his impactful interventions in social education for the support of the marginalised and disadvantaged. He has been instrumental in girl Education and health through his MY Beti . He also has innovated THINK curriculum for better learning through use of all senses which warned him the honorary doctorate by the famous Columbia University.
Dr Jawahar Surisetti has conducted Explora with the UN under which he meets one lakh students and their parents in different parts of the world every year . He also conducts Career Yatra in India in Mofussil parts of the country where children and youth have no access to these facilities. He also has started Think for India movement and Religion of Youth to provide youth a platform to express their views , desires and dislikes in the current state of India and the world .
Dr Jawahar has been invited by many governments of the world apart from India like US and UK for his policy interventions . He is also invited by the corporate world for his strategies in business development and his CSR ideas . He is a best selling author as well as a TED Speaker of international repute too.



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