Last Hundred Days on Earth


Recently Stephen Hawking predicted that we have 1,000 more years left on Earth before we go extinct. Moreover, he also adds that in upcoming 100 years, Mars will become approachable. So moving further from this point spreading our imagination let’s move to a point where we have only 100 days left on this planet. However, present generation is not going to face this situation in their lifetime but let’s have an expedition in time just for the sake of excitement. Now think as if we are sitting 1,000 years ahead. It has been identified that Mars has been found inhabitable and suited to the requirements of mankind presently on Earth. People are to be shifted immediately for which all travel vehicles with Jet propellers have been arranged.
But there are some limits and guidelines defined by the International Federation of Humanity on Earth (IFHE) like one can take only 100 KG of luggage with them. Considering this, all possessions are to be revisited and obviously only movable belongings can be carried. Electronic and electrical devices are of limited use as power generation and telecommunication has not yet started on Mars, however protocol for frequency, voltage have already been finalised and solar charging is possible. It will take another 5 years to start supply. Further, it is already known for last 10 years through the reports generated by MARS-Rover that Gold, Diamond, Silver & Platinum are abundantly available on Mars but Iron is scarce. Based on this business analysts are proposing that Iron should be carried. This is probably the reason these days all metals previously assumed to be precious are found thrown away on streets too often. Oxygen, water, packaged food are prescribed to be carried for the expected five days journey.
After, reaching Mars hopefully these things will not be an issue in the starting days on planet. As learnt, thick clothes are required, as the planet is colder than Earth. All present currency has already been demonetised by IFHE and equal digital Mars-points have been assigned to all the fellow human beings. IFHE is also shifting cattle and some selected flora-fauna to the new abode of humanity. In addition they have given bonus digital points to those who accommodate their pets in the 100 KG luggage limits. Till now everything was appearing honest but few media channels are reporting that assignment of digital Mars-points have some aberrations. They are demanding to disclose the portal for entire humanity so that everyone can check what’s inside, but influential communities and groups are rejecting the demand out-rightly telling it a wasteful exercise considering the limited time left to leave the planet.
Considering all the information an activist of human-care society has proposed following important luggage to be carried for Mars under the 100 KG limit provided: Adequate water, oxygen & packaged food, hobby item (violin, acoustic guitar etc), printed images of important memories on earth, thick clothes, some iron pieces specifically weapons for self-defence as there are chances of miss-governance in the starting days at Mars, some art pieces if you like, picnic camping tent to accommodate your family, bed cushions and pets if any. Also body aids such as spectacles, pace-makers (with solar charger). Surprisingly, none of the items have appeared in the list of human-care society which was up-till now used to stash cash like property and precious metals. Valuables have suddenly become valueless. However, digital Mars points are still valuable but how to bribe the officials to manipulate the digital Mars points in the portal. They are not accepting bribe in precious metals or in cash. Even when I offer them my entire property they are not willing to favour me. I have not seen such an honest officer in my entire life. But some influential communities have made a cartel and are playing games amongst them. Their relations are blood relations mostly and some are true friendships developed in college or schools. How come they ignore the blood-relations? Even I am too conscious for my family and friends and all favours I am asking are for them only. Drastic shift in the perspective! I hope I could have learnt this new perspective at least a few years back.

The views expressed in the article are author’s own.



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