Shakti: Every year on March 8, the world celebrates the Women’s day.The traditional Indian woman has evolved to prove herself that she equal in many professions as well as proved better suited than men in others. But are they really safe? In India, women are also the embodiment of Shakti. In Sanskrit, there is a saying: ‘Yatra Naryastu Pujyante,Ramantetatra Devata’. Whole Society is to be stirred and awakened besides bringing immediate reforms in the systems like that of Police and Legal; using technology as a catalyst. We have to ensure dignity and respect for women at any cost by taking rigorous steps, both preventive and curative – for dreaming a better society to live in. Though ‘ ShaktiPuraskars’ and like are necessary to encourage women participation, something more concrete and more fundamental is necessary to make such Puraskars more meaningful.

Bhakti means devotion towards anything you love and respect. The biggest ‘bhakti’ performed during last fortnight is by AamAdmi Party through unwarranted sting operations which are now known to the whole world. AAP should realize that – touching hearts through committed actions is what for they have been elected but not for causing strokes / breakings to the hearts.

Yuktimeans the tactics one should use to overcome obstacles so as to achieve success in the intended task. The NarendraModi government has presented its first annual budget. It appears, in the first instance, at least fullyukti is used to help the corporate. The government has to guard against such a growing perception otherwise be prepared to pack up. They cannot shirk the huge responsibility entrusted to them by the people to improve the quality of life of all sections of the society.

Mukti here means not anything related to spirituality but connected with the opportunistic attitude of the political parties. For example, government in Jammu and Kashmir was cobbled with parties having divergent ideologies and mind sets and its initial actions appear to be detrimental to the national security. A political Party should realize the fact that they are accountable to the people and also remember that they may get ‘mukti’ permanently from the hearts of the people, for non- performance and not fulfilling the aspirations of the people.