For the first 5000 years of civilization humans relied on foods and herbs for medicine
Only in the past 50 years have we forgotten our medicinal “roots” in favour of patent medicines while pharmaceuticals have their value , we should not forget the well documented non-toxic and inexpensive healing properties of foods & vegetables the following list is but a sampling of the health benefits from whole foods

▪Rice – Recommended for diarrhoea rice gruel is best for infants suffering from diarrhoea ,as it is ideal fluid for oral dehydration . because of its very low protein and alkalizing effects it is very useful for gout or arthritis.

▪ Corn – It is good source of soluble & insoluble fiber it is recommended for intestinal disorders dyspepsia , chronic renal disease , it also reduce the cholesterol because of bran which is present in sweet corn

▪wheat – The king of grains wheat starch is very easily digested whole wheat contains bran so it is laxative effects and prevents constipation its bran is helpful to reduce the risk of diverticulitis , colon cancer breast cancer and coronary heart diseases

▪Oats – oats provide glucose , fatty acid , phosphorus and vitamin B1 , which are very important for neuron functions , so it is recommended for nervous system complaints fatigue , insomnia  , depression and mental exhaustion it also lower the cholesterol level

▪ soyabean – It helps women to maintain hormonal balance and is very helpful in regulation of menstrual cycle relief from symptoms of menopause , it lowers the risk of breast cancer , in men it lowers risk of prostate cancer and heart attacks .

▪Red beet – It is anti animic contains iron and vitamin c beet is rich in potassium magnesium and calcium .it acts as an alkalizer . It is recommended in the case of gout to decrease uric acid decreases blood cholesterol level .

▪ cabbage – cabbage juice heals ulcerative colitis and intestinal parasites . cabbage heals gastric ulcer it also recommend for osteoporosis  and decalcification due to its calcium content . It is recommended for coronary heart disease and obesity it is also considered carcinogenic

: ▪Peas – peas are good sources of vitamin B1,B2,B6  folic acid and vitamin c .it act as an antioxidant it prevents heart attack and good source of potassium . It is recommended for pregnant women and for nervous system disorders

▪Onion – effective against bronchitis and asthma because of decongestant properties it also has anti – diabetic and cholesterol reducing activity

▪Tomato – it is called prostrate protector .It contains soluble fiber which is cholesterol reducing and has luxative effect .it has an alkalizing effect tomato sauce , soup ,or juice reduce prostate cancer .



Dietitian & nutritionist
Sonal kalra