Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar won trust of votes in special session of Assembly on Friday. He got 131 votes against 108 votes of opposition parties. After voting, MLAs of RJD walked out from the Assembly and the House had to be adjourned. Members from opposition parties mainly RJD disturbed functioning of the House during the period as per its declaration. In the disruption, ex-deputy CM and Lalu’s younger son Tejashwi Yadav was selected as leader of opposition.

Before it, CM Nitish Kumar reached the Assembly at 10.30 am, while House started from 11 am. When Nitish proposed for vote of trust in the lower Assembly House, ex-deputy CM started leveling allegations against Nitish Kumar. A shrille arguments and allegation had been seen in the House. They were busy in casting aspersions on one another, while the Floor test was conducted by lobby division. But decision could not be made by thumping majority. Rather, voting had to be conducted and 131 votes were bagged by ruling coalition government under the leadership of CM Nitish Kumar.