What is contentment? How would it be achieved? It is a question of inquisitiveness for the human race. An individual thinks there are several sources that would extend gratification, such as worshipping God, visiting holy places, observing pious rituals etc. But such traits could not usher glee until one should inculcate the very noble virtue ‘benevolence’ head and heart. Munificence is the indispensable aspect, playing a pivotal role that escorts the soul of a human being to the threshold of divinity. Man, who has philanthropic bent of mind, would be favoured by God’s benediction. His life would be nestled by the verdant of heavenly bliss, and he would be the owner of God’s proximity.
Tenderness, charity, bonhomie are all the gracious vir-tues that should be cultivated heart and soul by everyone. Man would be considered a perfect human being when he extends his hands of compassion in rainy days of a needy one. Every religion teaches that service to God is nothing but to serve the deprived one. In this context, Swami Vivekananda proclaimed, “One who loves all the creatures would be the true servant of Almighty God.” The idealism of Mother Teresa has elevated her soul by dint of her kind-heartedness that has fixed her image as Mother into the heart and mind of the marooned section of the world.  Such trait of approach of the Mother should be imbibed. As sense of cooperation and brotherhood should be our hallmark.
How much civilised we are depend upon our vision for the underdogs who have been swept away by the natural as well as manmade havoc. What extent it would be considerable if the refugees are given the provision of shelters by the developed countries? It is a subject of debate before the global population. Right now the very article of Jawaharlal Nehru’s ‘Appointed Day’, written after the partition of India, is knocking my memory, where he has asserted that every citizen has prime duty to think of those who are politically divided. He also made an appeal to all citizens of India that they should extend their hands of kindness to them whenever they would be confronting with hard days because they are our brothers and sisters. If they require taking shelter in our country, why should we not provide to them with security? They ought not to be discriminated politically, or considered them as an icon of political issue. Recently a concerning subject has come to light whether developed countries would take the responsibility  of providing shelter and nourishment to refugees on their shoulders. As far as  economic state of developed countries is concerned, they are fully contained. If they spend a little of their national fund for the development of the refugees, it will not hamper the fiscal policy. Every developed country should ponder over the subject of food, clothing and housing of refugees. Developed countries have different sources of economic uplift.
Moreover, they are powerful in all respects in compa-rison to other developing and under-developed countries. Several questions would be asked pertaining to population disorders – global fingers point at such migration, which would eat up the peace, solidarity, education etc, if they are given shelter. On the contrary, if the subject of migration is taken in such a manner, they can be the asset of the developed countries – the work force; would it not be fruitful for the industrialisation? At least these unfortunate lots would have a steady source of leading their lives without any financial constraints.
Now, the negative aspect of giving shelter to the refu-gees is the concerning factor because they haven’t the sense of patriotism, and as such they would act like outlaws. Refugees heighten quandary as they refuge only when they are awfully poor, emancipated, devoid of physical, mental and spiritual power. They are liberal from all kinds of responsibilities towards the country where they seek shelter.  Their propensity to figure out antisocial activities and they would be the sore throat for law and order. Citizens having amicable mentality are the positive features to a nation, but these refugees don’t have such temperament.  It will not be out of place if it is stated that migration of refugees ushers a bundle of predicament, which has hazardous impact on the infrastructure of a progressed nation.
Their unnecessary intervention pulls down the curtain of apprehension of anarchy upon the host country’s culture, tradition and life style. They are like termite, which consume the prosperity of the progressed nation. Citizens of a developed country have had their own way of procurement of success, but such parasites affect adversely upon their accomplishment. Therefore, such group or class should be turned into mendicants, if to save nation from such nuisance.
*Author is faculty member at Shakuntala vidyalaya