It has happened again. Two babies in Delhi are merci-lessly raped. This shocking news has come a few days back and the common man and woman have to think whether they are safe in this ancient nation of wisdom. Every time such cases take place and we start talking of giving more and more security to our women folk and we also discuss to make stringent laws to give criminals maximum punish-ment. Political leaders and parties as usual take side accor-ding to their vested political interests and criticise the party in power. This time, in Delhi, the chief minister of the state said “Give us Delhi police and we will change the scene”. The Chief Minister smartly put forward his old demand taking advantage of the gruesome crime. From the very first day this chief minister has been demanding that Delhi police must be under Delhi state and in no case it should serve the central government. The rape of two girls has given him added strength to repeat the same demand again. This leader has opened centre-state feud on this issue and this is the way our leaders make the matters less serious.
Two babies are raped and our face is once again downed before the world. Rape of women is not a crime that takes place only in our nation, it is happening in all the nations and states, whether those are modern, educated, smart, and the most civilized or not. Even in America the data tells that every fifth girl is either raped or molested in that nation. But here in our country the babies of two years are becoming victims of such heinous crime. Not only babies, even seventy year old widows are also raped in our country and this is the blackest side of our social and political system. In December 2012, Nirbhaya physiotherapist was raped and killed in the same Delhi. Entire nation raised one voice to arrest the criminals and punish them. Fast track court was established and within no time judgment was given to hang them. Those criminals have appealed to the higher court and yet the punishment is not meted out to them. And now the main culprit among them in interviews openly asks other criminals like him not to worry and rape a girl and kill her also so that the on the spot evidence is destroyed.
So, stringent punishment like hanging is not working as a deterrent and this crime has become everyday affair from then on. Our senior leader from state of Utter Pradesh on rape cases had said “bachhe hain, galti kardete hain” so such cases need not be taken very seriously. This and other irresponsible statements embolden the criminals who feel that raping a girl is the natural right of every young person. Society is helpless for the managers of keeping peace and maintaining law and order themselves are breaking all norms and forms without blinking eyelid.
But the moot question is that why babies are being sele-cted for doing this kind of dirty job? One can argue that to enjoy sex but sex game is reciprocal and the enjoyment needs both the partner’s active participation in the very act. Here, that is absent then why they do this? Is it the exhibition of hatred against the girl child that provokes these dirty people to do such inhuman act? If this is the situation then such persons must be of unsound mind and such weakness cannot be hidden by him while having social intercourse with others. But in no case of baby rape insanity of culprit is reported. Then, why is this happening over and over  again in our society is certainly a million dollar question? And this question now has turned into a national problem and remedy to this must be found immediately.
Other side of such crime is more problematic. It is found that generally the culprits belong to the poor families and some among them are juvenile also. So, why the poorer people are taking to this crime? Is poverty something to do with this?  Living in small rooms and shanties, the young ones are everyday becoming witness to the sex play of their parents and elder brothers and others and is that playing negative role on their psychological growth? Or is finding mother in bad position creating hatred for women as a whole? For we all know that mother is a holy and pure word and no son or daughter can bear with the fact that mother is characterless like others. On seeing mother like that entry of such feeling is all the more natural.
We are not able up till now to find the reason and unless and until we investigate and reach at a conclusion, nothing good may happen and such crimes would take place again and again. For statistics of national crime records bureau number of child rape cases is on rise continuously. In the year 2009, 5484 cases were reported and in the year 2014 the figure has reached at 13766. Is this not horrific? We have data, we have records, and we have all the resources at hand but our managers of social system had done nothing to study this spreading evil of raping babies and no proper action was taken by them in these years.
Recently Melinda Gates, in an interview given to national news paper, has expressed concern over growing rape cases in our nation. She said that even the toddlers were also being raped here. She said “We need to empower women. One of the few good things happening in India is that it’s finally coming out. It’s seeing the light of the day. The press is talking about it vociferously, the international community is talking about it, it’s being exposed”. Gates foundation had donated 3.9 billion in 2014 to philanthropy and both Bill and Milinda are supporting social issues from time to time.
Melinda Gates is sympathetic but it is our problem and we have to find solution on our own. Friends like her are always welcome and we sincerely honour them and their suggestions are very important for us but it is exclusively our job and we know it.

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