The inevitable has happened with the clean sweep by the Aam Admi Party (AAP) in the recent Delhi assembly election. It reminds us about the Hindi movie ‘Sholay’, which has been seen by maximum number of Indians.

When ‘Sholay’ was released in 1975, in the very first week, the film was written off as an expensive flop after the lukewarm response from viewers. After a week it started gaining momentum and has become an all time great movie in India.

The Delhi assembly election was necessitated as the AAP being written off as a failed experiment and Kejriwal’s 49 day stint as Chief Minister became the butt of ridicule. But, as the election date approaches the writing on the wall was there. AAP looks to be causing one of the biggest upsets in the near history. While the Modi wave has won many elections, including the Lok Sabha in the past, Delhi seems to be the Waterloo.

However, in the Delhi election the wave did not work in favour of the BJP and the AAP has caught the voters’ imagination. Some of the mistakes that the BJP has done are having left out Harshwardhan from the election. Harshwardhan was the face of the previous Delhi election and the squeaky clean image made the BJP the single largest party.

The second mistake was failure to consolidate on Congress loss of vote share which seems to be going the AAP way.

The third and the final nail on the coffin was the choice of Kiran Bedi as CM candidate. Although a fantastic honest police officer, Kiran Bedi is an erratic and confused politician. She joined Anna, was supposed to be close to Kejriwal, then became close to Anna when he distanced himself from the political outfit AAP. From distancing herself from politics to becoming the chief ministerial candidate of Delhi, her volte face has not given BJP the desired advantage that it was supposed to give. Harshwardhan would have given better results.

The takeaways should be that the voter should not be taken for granted. Any little arrogance should have to give way to humility. People found Kejriwal’s honest “sorry for resigning” more acceptable to the loud pronunciations of the BJP. It’s a wakeup call for the BJP in India where there is a tinge of arrogance nationwide including fringe elements which are causing the well meaning Centre a bad image of not being in control over these fringe elements and their anti-religious outbursts.

The takeaway for AAP after their debacle in the Lok Sabha elections is not to be too bragging and concentrate and focus on Delhi and slowly prove themselves and progress nationally thereafter rather than doing things too quick too soon.