Selfie – Self Love and Narcissism


News that three young boys were killed in taking selfie was horrible. It is beyond one’s imagination that precious lives could be sacrificed like this. These three boys wanted to take snap from the fast running train. One of them tried to shoot when on other side another train was crossing and he met his death.  His body fell out of the compartment. But the story does not end here. Two survived friends got down and started making search for his body. Out of anxiety they could not take care of trains coming and going on the tracks. And both were run over by a fast train. Their search for the friend’s body ended. So, all three died untimely.

This has not happened for the first time. Such incidents or accidents take place regularly because our spirited young boys and girls have nurtured the habit of living in the virtual world. Real life does not attract them a bit but the life in photos, clippings, texts and messages is loved by them. Of late, technology has taken a drastic change and new trends are set.

In today’s world actions which carry less or no meaning have become all the more important. No one wants to think or rethink before taking to any task. Fast communication has converted young people’s mind to act faster so they are not in a mood to stop, and give time to their brain before entering into any daring or stupid action. They think that whatever they think, is hundred per cent justified and there is no problem if they wastes their time in going ahead in social networking leaving their friends and fellow travellers far behind.

Social networking has become obsession now so; all have different accounts like face book, instagram, twitter, and many more. There they post their photos and texts and anything and everything they feel to attach with and such material travels from one end to the other, not only in India but all over the world. This has created a new life where there is no need to touch the feet of elderly, no need at all to stand up in respect of seniors, and  this life talks of no law, no rules and no orders to follow.

The word freedom in real sense is felt here in this modern social networking life. If you want to make friends you can send a request and it is a matter of hardly a few seconds to get reply from the other side. Young men and women and boys and girls particularly feel themselves liberated in making and breaking relationships online. Nobody feels sorry and none is obliged to thank others. Sorry and thanks are old, outdated words which have lost their meaning and use also. And, yes, this is happening in the name of freedom.

Intoxicated by this new world our new generation has become impatient and they are doing that which they are not supposed to do. Now young ones want to mesmerize their facebook friends. To do that taking daring selfies is the shortest and smartest way, so this trend of selfie has become more and more popular. Many have died and many are dying every day in this tricky business. Then there are adventure crazy young boys and girls who believe that hand shaking with tiger is an act of bravery so a selfie while handshaking or kissing a tiger or a lion may be tried. They think such a snap would take them on the height of popularity on facebook, so they dare if and when they get any such chance.

There is story of a couple who went to a spot where there was a seventy feet high stone in a triangular shape. Here, both climbed and the girl stood on the edge while the boy was behind holding her from waist. Half the body of girl was almost in the air and in such position a selfie was taken by them. They succeeded and got down. On ground someone told them that in taking selfie like this, one couple a few months back lost balance and slipped and fell down. He told that both of them died in that accident. “I was getting up to  tell you not to try any such snap but you had by then done what you had in your mind.” On hearing this, the young girl smiled and said to her friend “Our love is stronger. We have won because there is real intensity in our longing for each other.” The young boy agreed and both moved hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder.  So, this is the way these young ones make interpretation of any incident.

Those who like this social networking life argue that you call it virtual and artificial life but at the same time you forget that this is the only platform where our young men and women feel free to express themselves.

Today’s young boys and girls are products of nuclear families. Their parents left them with maid servant for the whole day. Even after returning home both also could not give time to these children for they were exhausted and tired. Deprived of love and sympathies young people have cultivated the habit of living alone and cut off from the mainstream. Loneliness brings in boredom and toys and machines cannot fill up the gap so growing up they become more and more self-centred. This selfie craze is the outcome and product of nuclear family.

The argument goes further and supporters say that tell us under such circumstances what one can do or undo. Is it possible for any young boy to forget his past and be formal and normal according to the rules of the traditional society? That is why they don’t want to go to the places of relatives for they ask them the very personal questions of which they are never in a mood to give answer to anybody. Those who criticise them think that this generation has got all sorts of facilities and luxuries of life yet they have no faith in the system called family and they feel that it is like a crime because present day parents take proper and more care.

Not long back parents would beat their children like one beats animals entering into personal garden yet those parent got due respect and regards but we are losers on that count also.

Arguments take us nowhere but the fact remains a fact. Selfie is nothing but naked Narcissism. King Narcissist loved himself and none. He was mad after whatever he would do. He would waste all his time in praising himself and hearing false stories about him as a noble and great king. This selfie attack too has maddened our young boys and girls. They like only to hear that the snaps they have taken, are real and his daring to take photo when bulls are running behind are awesome and mind blowing.

Selfie is one habit of our young boys and girls but that is not all. Problems are bigger and greater. Today our nation is in the need of highly skilled and perfect young men to take and lead our nation very fast in the race of prosperity and progress. Under such circumstances what we need is their energy, their spirit and their fighting desire to build this nation. But if they remain so much attached to their positive and negative emotions then our dream will never become reality. So, it is the need of the hour to bring them back on rail. There is no other way.



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