Think big, start small – TEDx pandri


Have you ever thought of an idea that according to you that was revolutionary and downright mind-blowing, but you couldn’t work on it to either a job/studies taking too much time or the product will take time to gain traction and go big. Well, do remember this; one couldn’t go big without starting something even at a small scale. Following the same advice, the largest TEDx conference and start-up expo was organised by a community of radical thinkers and entrepreneurs, under the moniker – TEDxPandri – on June 12 2016.
With the theme revolving around ‘thing big start SMALL’,the event has  good bowl of experience delivered by some of the most successful leaders from different backgrounds in technology, entertainment and design and with guests from all the leading business houses of Chhattisgarh.  Apart from the huge event, the focus of the event was on building a community of people with the same mind-set, who are driven by innovation, open-mindedness, radical thinking and are doers than just naysayers in this realm called society. As a part of socio-preneurial responsibility, this conference has proved instrumental in bringing the right people in touch with right opportunities. The TEDx talk cum startup expo is an endeavour in this very direction, where leaders in academia, techno-innovators, investors and entrepreneurs were under one roof sharing ideas that drive change. The key speakers in the event were – Padma Bhushan Teejan Bai, is an exponent of Pandavani, a traditional performing art form, from Chhattisgarh, in which she enacts tales from the Mahabharata, Dr Ujjwal Patni who is an international trainer, motivational speaker and top author, Kalpesh Gawali  a young entrepreneur and global energy achiever, National artist  Sushil sakhuja, Limca Book of Record holder Damini, Editor in chief of  The Tech portal Deepanshu Khandelwal. The startup-expo was one-of-a-kind event, wherein entrepreneurs laden with incredible ideas have interaction with investors and industry leaders. Not only had it demonstrated the immense potential that Chattisgarh holds in the form of innovation and diverse ideas that hold the promise of investment in them.
A few startups we expect to make a presence at the startup expo comprise of, Cleanzo  a hyperlocal laundry service for hostelers, Poetcard  a postcard service to help you express your feelings in a ‘shayarana andaaz’and  a student driven online literary and education platform. The spectator says that it was a chance to activate their inner child and build something that one has been direly waiting for the right time to start. And remember, start small, but eventually if you keep at it with all your determination and hard-work, you are sure to make it BIG!!

By – Jinendra Parakh


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