Uri attack and the surgical strikes


The Goons of Democracy have woken up to take advantage of the anti-Pak sentiment. Every element that can bring them into the public eye is being utilised. This is not a new phenomenon. I am not meaning to say that we should not protest against Pakistan or we should not call for ban on Pak actors and cricket ties. We should.  But there has to be sanity in our protests. We should be reasonable. We should not allow extremism to creep into our demands. We should not allow political opportunism to prevail over controlled aggression.
What happens if our actors in US and employees and businessmen in Gulf are asked to get out of those countries in case of an unlikely event? What would the stand of these goons be? Again to gain political brownie points they will protest against the US and gulf authorities. Why the unreasonableness now? These goons have never been supported by the Indian public. Time and again we have not voted for these extreme sentimental outbursts. We have read through them. That’s the beauty of the Indian democracy! There is a way out though. If we protest against Pak  actors, we can do so that henceforth we will not allow them to act, if only this step needs to be taken.
But we cannot ask them to leave with retrospective effect. What do we do in cricket? Do we ask the ICC to delete all records of matches played between India and Pakistan? No. We just ban future cricket to happen. A similar rule should apply. So movies that have already been completed should be allowed to release. Future bans may be thought of. These political posturings do not convince the Indian public. It is the repeated foolishness of attention seeking Goons of Democracy who perceive them to be Demi Gods and live in a fools’ paradise. They do not respond to these so-called representatives of any extremism. I am not singling out any party. There are fringes in all parties who go on an overdrive to rake up controversial issues and religious sentiments just before elections but have always been exposed by the highly aware and sane Indian voter. That is India. Jai hind!

*Dr. Jawahar Surisetti is Educationist & Motivator


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