6 tigers from MP get a new abode in Odisha

As many as six tigers from Madhya Pradesh state will be relocated to Satkosia Tiger Reserve in the Angul district of Odisha. This forms part of the Odisha state government’s plan to revive big cat population in the protected forest.
The first tiger is scheduled to reach the state next month.
First, only one tiger will be relocated to the reserve from Madhya Pradesh on a pilot basis. The remaining five would be released in Satkosia in a due course of time.
It is to be noted that the 963 sq-km reserve, as of now, has got merely two tigers.
The forest reserve is blessed with amicable environment with adequate prey base. Still,  none of the two old existing  tigers in the reserve is fit for breeding.
An NTCA study reveals that in 2010, there were eight tigers in the reserve.
The two existing tigers are females and old. If this relocation scheme is successful, the state government is likely to undertake similar efforts in other forests, all the six tigers will be relocated in a phased manner.
The government of Madhya Pradesh has identified just one male tiger of Kanha Tiger Reserve for relocation. The others would be identified in due course of time.
The big cats would be brought in cages and first released in an enclosure with proper fencing. Once they get accustomed to the new environment, they will be released in the wild
The entire exercise will take place under the supervision of Wildlife Institute of India (WII) officials. It is likely to see increase in the population of the national animal in Odisha in days to come. Nandan Kanan is one of the auite popular sntuaries in the country which is located near Bhuwanedhwar in Odisha.



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