Andhra Pradesh ranks No1 in Ease of Doing Business rankings


Andhra Pradesh is turning into an attractive investment destination under the visionary leadership of the state Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Top domestic and global industries across sectors are coming forward to set up industries in AP. The likes of Kia, Foxconn, Flex, Hero Motocorp, Isuzu, Apollo Tyres, HCL and others have already come to Andhra Pradesh and some of them have already started their operations.

Nara Lokesh, AP Minister for IT, Government of Andhra Pradesh said, “We’ve done it again! Andhra Pradesh is No 1 in Ease of Doing Business. Reason why some of the best companies in the world are looking here to invest!!”.

Andhra Pradesh with a long coastline, mineral wealth, surplus power, land and attractive incentives in place are attracting investments domestically and globally. The state government with its successful industrial policy and attractive incentives has been tirelessly putting in efforts to make the state a top destination for investors.

The state government has been conducting Partnership Summits every year to attract investments to AP. 35-40% MoUs signed during each of these summits are being grounded.


Kutumba Rao, Andhra Pradesh Planning Board Vice-Chairman said, “It is a proud moment for AP as we topped the rankings after user feedback from investors, industrialists and companies is taken into consideration.  Our Chief Minister is our brand. These rankings is a reflection of Hon’ble Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s vision and successful industrial policy.”

“We are putting in efforts to bring in the timeline for all clearances to under 7 days through single window system integrated with Chief Minister’s CORE dashboard in a very transparent manner. Today, 25 out of every 100 mobile phones manufactured in India are from AP”, he added.

He said, “AP has turned into an attractive destination for investors. There is immense confidence among investors domestically and internationally to come to set up their shops in AP. Our aim is to benchmark ourselves globally and become one among top 25 investment destinations in the world”.



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