Another hostel of Patna University sealed


Mitaan Correspondent


Sealing of hostels of Patna University is going on consistently for the second day in a row. On Friday, another new hostel of Patna Law College located at Ranighat was sealed by the district and university administration in presence of police force. Many rooms of the hostel had been occupied in an unauthorized manner. Rooms of the hostel were allotted in the name of students of Patna Law College. However, instead of those students, other boys were residing there unauthorisedly.

On Thursday, the university and district administration had evacuated five rooms of law old hostel. Prior to it, PG hostel at Ranighat and BN College’s hostel had also been evacuated. All these actions are being taken as per Patna High Court’s order.

Source said that sealing of hostels will continue until evacuating of all such hostels of PU and its colleges were complete. Dean student welfare, Professor NK Jha said, “All hostels will be allotted in new session to students with fresh process.” New session is slated to start from July 1. He informed that now Hathua hostel will also be sealed.


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