Anup-Jasleen jodi was stage managed


Anup-Jasleen jodi was stage managed Was the hot Jodi of the devotional singer Anup Jalota and Jasleen in the 12th edition of ‘Big Boss’ stage managed one? This is what the revelation made by Anup himself. Anup Jalota has been at pains to say that there was no romance with Jasleen Matharu and everything that kept the viewers hooked to Bigg Boss 12 was staged. Now, in a new interview, the devotional singer has gone ahead and said that he was “used” by Jasleen to get popular. he had earlier said Jasleen Matharu did so at the behest of Bigg Boss makers.

In an interview to, Anup Jalota said that it was Jasleen who was supposed to enter the Bigg Boss house and her father requested him to go as his jodi in purely teacher-pupil capacity. The decision to showcase the relationship as a romance was Jasleen’s, claimed Anup.

Accusing Jasleen of using him, Anup said “She wanted to ride on my popularity which she did. I am a very positive person and I feel if I can help someone, I should. If she has used me for the platform, I am happy that she succeeded in doing that.” However, when Jasleen’s father asked Anup Jalota about the truth of their relationship, the singer made it clear that it was the decision of his own daughter. To this, her father replied “Let her come out of the house, I will teach her a lesson.”



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