AP finance minister for 50% devolution of funds to states


“Narendra Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat demanded for 50% devolution of funds to states. We all hoped that states would get more powers if he becomes Prime Minister. But after Modi became Prime Minster, states had to lose their rights. It is not acceptable for Modi to have a particular stand as Chief Minister and act differently after becoming Prime Minister”, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, finance minister of Andhra Pradesh, said in a statement.

He said, “The discussion over Terms of Reference (ToR) of 15th Finance Commission should happen all over the country. ToR of 15th Finance Commission are discriminatory against states. If they are implemented as it is, progressive states would suffer badly and conspiracy is going on to damage basic financial structure of the states”.


He said, “Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Odisha and Karnataka together will suffer Rs. 1,14,062 crores loss. We have sent requests to the centre and organised conclaves of finance ministers, but it is sad that the centre hasn’t responded.” “The centre should not deprive the states of their rights”, he added.

“7 states have represented in the recent Conclave of Finance Ministers held in Amaravati. Odisha and Tamil Nadu have sent letters. More states may participate in the next conclave in Delhi”, he said.

“Today, there is BJP in power at the centre, tomorrow others might come. No matter who is in power, basic structure of the constitution must not be violated. Nobody has the right to dent federal structure. The responsibility is on every state to protect its rights. All parties must respond on the issue keeping their politics aside”, he said.



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