Bhagwan Chawale of LIC scales Mount Everest


Insurance is normally treated to be a field of morons. But, Bhagwan B Chawale, who is currently working as a development officer in LIC’s Pune office, has shown the world that people working in the insurance sector be creative and adventurous. Chawale has recently scaled Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.

He could make it by the encouragement made by LIC in the form of leave which was granted to him.

“I’m grateful to LIC which had granted me over two-month leave this time. Of course it was apart from Rs 1 lakh PF loan which was made available to me,” Chawale said, adding, “I was also lucky to get a loan valued at Rs 5 lakh from LIC Society”.


“Moreover, LIC has sanctioned Rs 2 lakh to me for the adventurous trip, though I’m yet to get the same,” he said.

Though he had to arrange the balance amount for the historic mountaineering, which cost him around Rs 26 lakh, from various other sources. Last year too, LIC had granted me almost two-month leave for the same, though I couldn’t make it and I had to return after having climbed more than 8600 metre and I had away from the destination at an arm’s length as Mount Everest is 8750 metre in height, due to storm, Chawale said. Chawale could make it within 47 days only this time.


The team comprised four persons, including the one from Satara district of Maharashtra, Prajit Pardeshi.Chawale is thankful to the agencies like Pick Promotion, Pioneer Adventures and Sahyadri Trekker Foundation for their constant support to make it a success story.



Name-Bhagwan B ChawalePresent job-Development Officer, LIC

Branch address-952 br. Pune DO-2

DO code – 95317

SR No 496110

Date of joining 11.03.2010

Chronology of Chawale’s journey to Mount Everest

April 5-Starts from Pune for Delhi and then to Kathmandu.

May14-Reaches Camp-3 after having covered Camp-1 and Camp-2 in rotation.

May 15-Spends at Camp-3.

May 17-Reaches Everest top at around 6.30 PM.



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