Bhagwat appeals to rise above Unch and Neech


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat has appealed to the people to rise above narrow confines of ‘unch-neech’ (backward-forward). He advocated for a casteless society. He said, “We all are the sons of Bharat Mata. Our culture is similar. So, we should work beyond all enmity, differences of opinion, dispute.”


Bhagwat criticised some Hindu orthodox and said, “most of the Hindu rituals are good, still certain orthodox elements within the community are opposing them in the name of development of the country. We must cast away the feelings of unch-neech.”


Bhagwat was addressing Hindu devotees in the concluding ceremony of millennium yagna, which is being performed in commemoration of 1000th birth anniversary of theologian-philosopher Lakshminarayana

Ramanujacharya at Chandwa near Ara, district headquarters of Bhojpur, located at 60 km west of Patna.

RSS chief clearly called for removal of caste-system from society. He said, “first obviate your caste feelings and then convince your family and society, too, for it,” adding, “we should build up clean India and follow development for all.

Before Bhagwat, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar addressed the gathering at yagna and sought cooperation from all saints of the society in the government movement against prohibition, child marriage and dowry.

He said, “the message, which will be delivered from here will be important step in the movement against prohibition, child marriage and dowry system. It will strengthen the movement and ultimately we will succeed. It will affect other states, too.”


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