‘Casting is a scientific and methodical process’ – Kuldeep Singh Chauhan


Currently serving India’s leading entertainment content production company, Contiloe; Kuldeep Singh Chauhan is considered as Indian television industry’s most sought after and well known casting director. Being in the casting world for now for many years, he has achieved experience that is well respected and recognized by the producers of Indian television shows.


Below is his exclusive interview with ME:

What made you think of becoming a casting director? Isn’t it a very stressful job? Did you undergo a struggle period before getting the recognition in Indian television industry?

I am very passionate about spotting the right talent to meet the rising demand of brilliant actors in Mumbai’s buoyant television industry. Casting indeed is a challenging job. Yes, I did pass through a prolonged period of struggle in Mumbai before attaining name & fame in the industry. I am extremely thankful to my mentors and eminent casting directors, Adityoa Suranna and Sunny Kashyap for grooming me during the learning phase of my life.

As you are considered as one of the leading casting directors of Indian television industry, what kind of challenges do you face while casting various actors for a new show, or casting actors for different characters in an ongoing show?

Casting is a scientific and methodical process. The prime challenge is to identify a suitable face to perfectly suit the character’s brief given to a casting director like me by the producer or creative team of the production house. Another challenge is to thoroughly grasp and understand an actor’s performance- capability before selecting him/her for a particular role.

As a casting director, what is more important for you between an actor’s good looks and talent?

According to me, talent of an actor is far more important than his or her looks. Although good looking actors are admired in the industry, it’s his/her ability to act in front of the camera makes the difference. As a casting director, I carefully watch the confidence of an actor in his/her audition tape

Where do see yourself in next 10 years? Do you aim to cast actors for Bollywood movies?

Yes. I am keen to cast actors for Bollywood movies. However, mu focus is to produce a series of ‘Web Series’ films as entertainment channels on digital platforms are gaining immense popularity. The future belongs to those who believe in the intrinsic strength of digital entertainment.

Many youngsters wish to join Bollywood and Indian television industry as actors. What is your advice to them?

I advise them to believe in the theme: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – The more you practice, the better your skills are. There is no shortcut towards success; you have to take the stairs of hard-work. Work hard and God will help them!



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