Chhattisgarh Railway stations fail to maintain cleanliness


Except Bilaspur, all other railway stations in Chhattisgarh have failed to break into the list of top-100 railway stations that maintain cleanliness, according to a survey conducted by the Indian Railways across the nation. As per the survey report, Bilaspur Railway Junction was ranked 70th of the 407 A1 and A category stations under 17 railway zones. Raipur railway station stands at 182nd position while Durg and Raigarh stations stand at 201 and 215 respectively.
Most of the railway stations in the state have failed in almost all the parameters. It shows that cleanliness is still a major problem in Chhattisgarh as well as SECR. The survey was conducted by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) through TNS India Private Limited and commissioned by Environment and Housekeeping Management Directorate of the Railway Board. As per the survey report, cleanliness level-1 ranking was given to the stations with a total score of 750 and above, level-2 for 600 to 749 score, level-3 for 500 to 599, level-4 for 400 to 499 and level-5 to below 400 score stations of different railway zones. However, the stations under Raipur division are among the 25 lowest ranking stations of level 4 and 5. Of the three stations surveyed in Raipur Division, only one station ranked at level 3 while the other two ranked at 4th and 5th levels. Durg Junction, the third largest station in the state in terms of trains as well as passengers, scored very low points and  placed in the 4th  level. Some stations under Nagpur division of the SECR that fall in Chhattisgarh, including Rajnandgaon, are in 5th level. MLA from Durg-Urban and member of SECR Railway Passengers Committee Arun Vora said that it clearly indicates that the Railways department is least bothered about cleanliness in its stations and not serious about the health of passengers.  Out of the 407 railway stations surveyed across the nation, 332 are ‘A’ category and 75 ‘A-1’ category stations. While preparing the report, the survey teams had taken feedback from passengers, porters, vendors and railway officials who are part of the service improvement group.
‘For every A-1 category station, 400 to 500 passengers were interviewed, while in every A category station, 300 to 400 passengers were targeted. The survey also pointed out that ‘The research was designed to assess the cleanliness efforts and its implementation through a satisfaction survey of passengers, railway officials who are part of Service Improvement Group (SIG) and vendors and porters’. Every passenger interviewed was asked to rate the station on 40 different cleanliness parameters. In the list, Beas Station of Punjab has been ranked as the cleanest station in the nation and Lalbagh of Rajasthan second and Gandhinagar JP of Rajasthan ranked third.


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