‘Code Mantra’ is my favorite production – Bharat Thakkar


One of the leading producers of Mumbai’s vibrant ‘World of Gujarati Stage’, Bharat Narayandas Thakkar   known for his gentle nature and temperate behavior. A successful producer of many novel theatric productions, Bharat Narayandas Thakkar has produced innumerable plays till-date featuring numerous veteran actors including the legendary Bollywood figure, Tiku Talsania.

In an exclusive interaction in Mumbai with Mitaan Express, Bharat Narayandas Thakkar said he is extremely passionate about dramatics.

An avid reader and a dramatist, Bharat Narayandas Thakkar’s stage production, ‘Code Mantra’ has mesmerized millions of theatre lovers across the globe, including billionaire Mukesh Ambani.

“It’s my favorite stage production as story of ‘Code Mantra’ revolves around a court martial case of a young army officer. His younger brother is a commando of the Rajputana Rifles who complains to army authorities about an extremely challenging commando training programme and admits that he is unable to cope up with it. He seeks an immediate transfer and is willing to confide details about a highly classified case of firing across the L.O.C,” said Bharat Narayandas Thakkar.

Directed by an eminent personality Rajesh Joshi, ‘Code Mantra’ is one of the costliest productions on the stage. It’s an engaging courtroom drama set up against the background of the Indian Army. Already touted as a landmark play in the history of theatre, Code Mantra promises to challenge the very notion of patriotism and how excess of it can be poisonous.

Such novel plays produced by Bharat Narayandas Thakkar continue to inspire Bollywood producers too.


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