Contention among mentalities


It was Sunday when I met Prashant Prashant Sinha; my bosom friend at cafeteria. I found him restless and agonized. I asked him why he was fidgety. He shrunk to reply and tried to overhear my question. I developed concern and kept on asking him. In fine, he replied aggressively, it was of no use of narrating. It seemed to be as if he were in the boiling cauldron of utter depression. I further inquired if he had any problem pertaining to his family. I dared to pock my ugly nose into his family matter because I have had an acquaintance since childhood. We are free to each other. I was at my wits end and knocking my brain how I could come to know the mysteries behind his annoyance. His rabidity was touching the cock of the pinnacle. I never saw him in such state of furiosity ever before. He is gentle and zestful fellow. When I witnessed his anger, I tried to pour oil on troubled waters by ordering snacks.
Since childhood, Prashant has had amicable bent of mind. During schooling, he kept abstain from childish mentality. He never indulged in any sort of squabble with his classmates. In college, he figured his character as clear as crystal. He is above all a peace lover. He is an engineer, rendering services in a multi-national company, earning spanking salary; contented his family with coziness, only by dint of his perseverance, sincerity and amiable disposition. He got married two years ago. His in-laws belong to blue blood. In spite of having the blessings of Mammon, his in-laws never indulge in extravagance. His father-in-law is a retired IAS, mother – a retired Principal of Central School.
Prantika is the only daughter. She is a lecturer in a Government College and earning a handsome salary. I thank God that Prashant is bestowed with a suitable wife, who is quite amicable, docile and, above all, adjustable in all respect. The couple has a son of six-month-old. Prantika loves and respects her in-laws sincerely. Prashant’s father is 76- year- old, ex-employee of railway mother 68, who is quite adjustable. The old woman has developed cordial relationship with her daughter-in-law. Actually, Prashant’s mother came up from joint family, so she has experience over tackling different mentalities. On the contrary, his father is adversarial. Prashant has spared no pains to persuade his father. My friend has pacified his father to occupy the gap formed in the heart of his daughter-in-law irrespective of orthodoxy. He also convinced the old man about the practicality of modern society. He said his father if he pour elixir of affection into the heart of his daughter-in-law, she will gradually develop a place of dignity for him. Consequently, she will be saturated with contentment that she has been blessed with perfect in-laws. It is sorry to state that Prashant’s all efforts were end in smoke. He couldn’t give a torque to his father’s rigid mentality. In spite of his dogmatic mentality, Prantika discharges her responsibilities towards the old man with aplomb and patience. I have come to know all about because I am quite close to his family.
The mercury of his anger was, at last pouring down, after having a cup of coffee with snacks. Then, he narrated me the whole incidence. “Yesterday, an argument was taken place between father and me. The topic of the contention was baseless. My father arouse objection regarding dress of my wife. My father put the reason before me why jeans and tops she wore in the house, which is against decorum; she ought to be careful about fashion as she is not only married but also mother. When I was in office, he rebuked her. Moreover, he didn’t spare Prantika’s parents. My father figured out his aggressive posture in my absence because he knew if he uttered any bitter statement against my wife, I wouldn’t spare him. When I returned from office, I found the ambience of my home in dead silence. Prantika’s eyes were brimmed with tears. She didn’t utter anything – mother said. Such disgusting attitude of my father cut all the members to the quick. Neck to neck argument was stretched late night.”
Such incidences of confliction can be observed in every family. Such oceanic differences of mentality and temperament between old and young are due to gap of generation. Sociologist stated that generation gap has been developed in every middle class family because of the conflict in transit of cultural exchange where the veterans are rigid to tradition. It is a matter of deep concern because such gap will segregate the bond of affection. Generation gap makes due to the years separating one generation from the next, especially, when regarded as representing the difference in outlook and the lack of understanding. Consequently, an ambience of annoyance is developed. Confliction is inevitable due to cultural rigidity among father and son, father-in-law and daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, grandfather and grandchildren etc.
Separation is the outcome of generation gap. When the confliction persists for considerable time, children ponder over separation to get rid of their parents. Even children think over to send their old parents to old age home. It is quite pity when we see such restrainable faces of veteran in the old age home. The old generation should mould in accordance with the trait of modern era. If old parents convince their mentality and disseminate their feelings of affections amongst children, the said gap would be filled with congenial environment of sweet home. The lost house would get back its existence of sweet home. Mutual endeavour of adjustment from both sides – parents and children is utmost necessary to cope up with the trench of relationship.
The behaviour of the young with their old parents should be meek and docile. The young blood should abide by the guidance of their parents. They should keep in mind that their parents are not their foe, but well-wishers. It is a unique idea for old parents, they should keep abstain from interfering in the personal matter of their young ones. They are grown up, married, moreover parents, so they have sufficient experience of running a healthy family. It is, especially, for old fathers to avoid interfering in the kitchen matters – rather, they should spend their leisure in the midst of grandchildren, or they may make use of free time in gossiping with friends in park or at temple. As far as old mothers are concerned, they should better entrust responsibilities of kitchen and finance on the shoulder of their daughters-in-law and sons. They should get rid of all such liabilities and spend the rest of their life under the firmament of peace.
Several devotional TV serials are the best tonic to heal the boredom, however, they can spend in pooja room. Narrating stories, gossiping on various zestful topics at dining table in the midst of kith and kin would usher fruitful result to keep the bond of affection intact. If such ideas are taken into in practice, the problem of contention will be gradually disappeared and amicable relationship will sustain forever.


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