A Cruel Political Fixture


BJP and Congress are currently the hot topic, because why not? Before the final approach of elections both the parties as always are trying their best to defend the accusations and prove themselves as heavenly beings. Encompassed by the happenings around, BJP are donning a clever and safe game of blanketing all the blame on the Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Dusting off the most criticized topic of blaming the ministers to comment and act upon something which is completely away from what they’re designated to, Minister of State for micro, small and medium enterprises Giriraj Singh: rather than focusing on reviving MSMEs in post-demonetization India targeted his favorite whipping boy Rahul Gandhi questioning the authenticity of the pictures of Mr. Gandhi on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. The minister claimed the photo of Mr. Gandhi to be evidently photo shopped. More ammunition was provided when the Telangana chief minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) described the Congress president as a ‘buffoon’ while announcing his decision to go it alone in the state elections.

To rejoin the insults, the Congress Party as a whole is seen a bit more vulnerable than before in order to defend and protect their CP. BJP lending out a helping hand in taking forward the trend organized back to back three press conferences justifying the BJP-RSS ideology cliché initiated by Mr. Gandhi in Berlin-London roadshow. The endless scuffle between Modi Ji and Mr. Gandhi has become a daily dose of news channels for the audience nationwide. Whether at the Centre or Hyderabad, the narrative being set is to make the elections as quasi-presidential as possible by completely discrediting the Congress leadership as a viable alternative to the ruling incumbents.

The Prime Minister doesn’t stay behind the curtains to miss any chance of establishing a controversy pertaining to Rahul Gandhi. Back in 2014, he strategically used the lineage of ‘Chaiwala’s Son’ to prick the people with clear demarcation of ‘privileged’ Congress party. Homogenous strategy is laid out by the Prime Minister by drawing a line between Kaamdar (working man) and Naamdar (dynast). The 2014 elections was taken as MITA (Modi Is The Alternative) replacing Dr. Manmohan Singh ‘s accidental win, whereas the upcoming elections look like TINA (There Is No Alternative) because anyway in 2014 there was no scope scooped up for Rahul Gandhi and still remains none by him being subjected and highlighted as imagery of ‘Pappu’ by the opposition party.

The consistency depicted by BJP has let out the kitty from bag that in order to escape from their responsibilities and deflecting the common man from his major concerns the government is following the ‘Target Rahul’ strategy.

Ironically, there are no shortage of ‘real’ issues for the Congress to latch on. The cash crunch and fuel price sky rocketing has anyway paid off several jokes in WhatsApp even blaming the ruling party of singing an entirely different song when in opposition. It took almost a month for Congress to wake up and call for National Bandh only confirming that the party remains unable to fully rouse itself as an oppositional force, or become an instant magnet for a wider political coalition.

The parties need to ponder that there are not only cases of fuel price which is to be thrown into limelight by calling for a National Bandh but there are severe issues like unemployment, farming, degrading economy, inflation, military mishandling etc. which should be looked into with utmost priority. Both the parties instead of working towards making the country a better stay worthy place is clinging to one another’s weakness and donning a political game being masked as Kaamdar!



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