Desi App, ‘Chingari’ fast replacing TikTok in popularity


The domestically developed app, ‘Chingari’ is fast on its track to replace the controversial Chinese app TikTok. 

At a time when there is a growing demand of boycott of Chinese products, TikTok is constantly losing its charm among the countrymen. Hence, the emergence of a domestically developed app comes right in the time. 

The home-grown app is similar to TikTok. The only differentiating factor is that it has been developed by an IT professional of Chhattisgarh and developers from Orissa and Karnataka. As of now, the app has already witnessed downloads crossing the magical figure of 25 lakh within a short span of 3 weeks alone. In fact, it has become the fastest growing App in the country now. 

Sumit Ghosh

Chingari app chief of product Sumit Ghosh, hailing from steel city Bhilai, says, “it took two years to develop this mobile application. The app was developed keeping in view the requirements and demands of the Indian users. The app was released officially on Google Play Store two years ago in November, 2018” 

“With the calls to boycott and delete Chinese apps gaining momentum across the country, Chingari app, which is very similar to the extremely popular TikTok app, is going viral among users across the country. We are receiving an overwhelming response from the Indian users and as per recent stats, the app has more than 25 lakh plus downloads”, he added. 

If all goes well, then the App is likely to achieve downloads running in crores in near future. It can be assumed by the fact that the app was downloaded by 10 lakh people in the country during past 24 hours alone. 


Biswatma Nayak, a developer hailing from Orissa and Siddharth Gautam, hailing from Karnataka have developed this mobile application. “This is the only social application developed in India which is a complete rival to TikTok app. The app is vernacular and is available in multiple languages including regional languages like Odia, Guajarati, and Marathi too”, said Ghosh. 

Chingari have amazing videos, trending news, entertainment news, funny videos, video songs, wishes, love quotes, status videos for WhatsApp etc, and good morning, good night, shayari and many more. So far, over 10,000 creators are creating entertaining content using this platform every day. The app provides users with a chance to browse through a variety of entertaining and informative several short videos download them, like them, share them with friends and family. Besides, it also allows users to be creative and create new fun and entertaining videos through this platform. It also allows users to connect with other users on the app. 

Chingari boasts of having news and games along with short videos which is its advantage over TikTok. Moreover, the desi App has beaten all records and topped the play store social apps category, including Instagram and Facebook.


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