Double trouble for the new K’taka CM

 It’s a kind of double trouble before the newly appointed chief minister of Karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy. First, the deputy chief minister, G Parmeshwar has said that Kumaraswamy may not be in CM’sboffice for five long years as it will  be evaluated by the ruling JD I(S)-Congress combine if Kumaraswamy be allowed to complete full five-year term. The second issue being the sudden shifting of DG-IGP of the state, that too for petty reason.  The CM, Kumaraswamy,  transferred the first woman DG-IGP of Karnataka, Neelamani Raju on orders of Mamata Banerjee, because she made her walk few meters. This action of the CM has brought him into controversy.
Several leaders from the Opposition had attended the swearing-in ceremony of the CM recently. Among them was West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
This lady who arrived at the venue brazenly insulted the top cop and DG-IGP of Karnataka Neelamani Raju for a petty issue. Neelamani Raju was given in charge of escorting the guest to the dais area. The police officer as per instructions escorted West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as well, but due to heavy traffic jam and VIP cars parked everywhere, she politely requested Mamata Banerjee to walk a few meters as her car wasn’t able to pass the traffic snarl.
However, the arrogant Mamata Banerjee insulted and humiliated Neelamani Raju right in front of everyone just because she made her walk few meters. This video was captured by ANI, which has gone viral on social media with people lambasting Mamata Banerjee for her vehement arrogance and utter disregard for the DGP.
Neelamani Raju is the first women Director General and Inspector General of Police of Karnataka. The 57 year old officer is regarded as very honest and upright with her duty who was recently promoted as the DG-IGP..
The DG-IGP is a very unique and dignified position in Karnataka and she is the head of all police forces in Karnataka.
But Mamata Banerjee not just insulted this top cop but she has given orders to Chief Minister Kumaraswamy to transfer her, to which Kumaraswamy has blindfoldedly agreed and issued instruction to transfer the bright officer.
This shameful act by Kumaraswamy has made people wonder whether he is working for people of Karnataka or is he working for some arrogant lady Mamata Banerjee. Interestingly the Trinamool party Mamata belongs to, has no say in the minority government of Karnataka.



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