Evacuation of stranded Mansarovar yatris begins


The evacuation of stranded Kailash Mansarovar Yatra pilgrims in Nepal has started. The flight services between Nepalgunj and Simikot resumed this afternoon as weather conditions improved. Our correspondent reports that more than 100 pilgrims have been evacuated from Simikot so far. Over 1500 pilgrims were stranded on Nepalganj-Simikot-Hilsa route of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra since Saturday due to bad weather. The Embassy of India is continuously monitoring the situation. The representatives of the Embassy in Nepalganj and Simikot are personally in touch with each and every stranded pilgrim. They are ensuring that proper food and lodging facilities are available to all the pilgrims. The medical practitioner in Simikot conducted health check up of all the elderly pilgrims and providing preventive medication and medical counseling.


The Mission has also asked all tour operators to try and hold pilgrims back in Tibet side as far as possible since the medical and civic facilities on Nepal side are inadequate. The Embassy is also looking at various alternative routes for evacuation.  The Nepal Army helicopters have been kept ready at Surkhet to evacuate pilgrims as soon as weather clear up there. A hot line for pilgrims and their family members has also been set up. The hotline for Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam speaking people have also been set up.



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