Failures apart, CH-2 is a huge success

 Even as all attempts to establish contact with lunar lander Vikram went in vain, ISRO chairperson K. Sivan on Saturday termed Chandrayaan 2 mission a huge success and asserted that it helped in mapping the entire lunar surface in great precision and detail.
“Chandrayaan 2 comprises a very big size science component and a small technology demonstration component, which include soft-landing near the South Pole of the Moon. The bulk of experiments carried out in the inter-planetary science is in the orbiter. Initially, the orbiter’s life was only one year, but due to optimum mission operations, it has increased to 7.5 years. Now, scientists would receive 7.5 times data more than expected. It is really a huge success,” he said.
Dr Sivan was addressing the eighth convocation of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar.


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