First female Bollywood superstar, Sridevi dies of cardiac arrest in Dubai


Sridevi drowned in her bathtub following a cardiac arrest, the report has confirmed. Traces of alcohol were found in her blood, the report further adds. Dubai Police has transferred the case to Dubai Public Prosecution, which will carry out regular legal procedures followed in such cases: Govt of Dubai Media Office #Sridevi

Noted cardiologist Dr Alpa Dawda’s advice-

So everyone across the world is shocked and mourning The Sridevi’s sudden death. I myself am one from you all.
In last 15 days , 4 cases I came to know who have passed away with sudden heart attack at young age without giving time for treatment, all from elite crowd , maintained regime and diet and under expert guidance, so what when wrong, everyone has this question?

Alpa Dawda

As a cardiologist, Dr Alpa Dawda would like to summarise certain lifestyle modifications so you can understand for yourself the self care and time when you need to see cardiologists like us, we have studied hard and updated ourselves to prevent and save people but there is a time phase for everything. TIME is a big Player.. so let’s revise certain things which everyone knows but doesn’t heed to it….

1. Be a Smart Workoholic rather then dragging your body .
– say you have a busy day tomorrow, prepare today for that from arranging clothes to eatables to clearing daily mess to doing arrangements in daily routine rather then rushing into everything at last moment.
– time management is important.

If you need to reach somewhere by 7.30 pm , reaching there needs 45 mins from your place and then prepare in such a way that you can start by 6.45 pm. If got stuck and you start by 7 pm, train your mind not to get anxious , you will reach latest by 8 pm, you have no options but don’t stress and load yourself with anxiety and hamper the surrounding and similarly you avoid rash driving and your mental calmness won’t have any impact on your body .

2. Make your lifestyle active but don’t overburden or drag your body . You need to draw a line . Similarly don’t be on sedentary lifestyle, do your chores yourself
3. Sleep is important. If you are working wisely you get refreshing sleep. Put an habit of naps of 10 mins , it works miraculously. You have new energy and don’t drag yourself.

4. Eat wisely. Everything but in limits . Keep your tummy half empty.
5. Accept your disease and do friendship with your disease. This helps you to maintain your health and prevent complications.

6. Stress is part and parcel of life . Manage it well.

7. Negativity is contagious. Stay away

8. Mobile phones and lastest gadgets are slow nuclear bombs , use them wisely , let them not damage your physical activity and cells.

9. Keep away from weight reducing shakes and body building drugs and hormones and proteins or go under the knife for body modifications. Accept yourself as you are .

10. Exercise moderately. It’s madness to see around and act foolishly to changing trends which your body and routines doesn’t allow . E.g. Marathon running needs training, but if you are in job were you sleep at 12.30 in night and get up at 5 am and train yourself and then whole day till 9 pm you are traveling and working, you are unnecessary stressing yourself. Your body gives indication in form of tiredness or less concentration in work , appetite reduce etc . Learn to hear your body , it throws symptoms.


At times Dr Alpa is surprised to see patients who are always hurrying and worrying. I am ready to give time , why you hurry and then give stress on either side by calling hundred times .
Stay away from zaldi zaldi and come near to idea of acceptance.

Rest everyone say .. if I am gone , nothing is going to stop , duniya chalti rahegi, my Family will come back to routine soon . But trust me and remember everything will go on but there will be a massive change every where and every one will say if he or she would have been alive aaj yeh aisa nahi hota . Everyone is precious is his or her away and very important to the near and dear ones .

Come out of mental blocks and do stress for your health … half of the health troubles are due to hearing this and that of others and worrying the same and stressing yourself for what you don’t have.

Khao, pioo , excercise karo and maaza karo … Rest we are there to help you in out best capacity to arrange your management . But just don’t be in hurry and cause stress to us .

Came across the sentence… Strong Women have Weak Health… correct because to stay strong they need to manage a loads of stress and manage a lots of tasks to balance many lives revolving around her . IT takes a toll on physical level . Also I can say strong men have weak heart . Let things loose a bit , go easy certain days , talk to yourself , we are humans not God .

Remember we can just learn or teach . Rest Destiny is truth and it will play its game but don’t be ignorant about things .

Stay healthy @Dawda Clinic,
Dr Alpa Dawda

Hindi cine goers’ heart-throb, Sridevi (55) passed away on Saturday night after a cardiac arrest. The incident took place in Dubai where the iconic actor had gone to attend the wedding ceremony of her relation. Sridevi was with her husband and younger daughter Khushi in Dubai at the time of her death.

Confirming the news, Sanjay Kapoor, Sridevi’s borther-in-law, said “Yes, it is true that Sridevi passed away.”

Sridevi is survived by her husband-producer Boney Kapoor-and daughters Janhvi and Khushi. Noto to mention, Janhvi is set to make her Bollywood debut this year with Karan Johar’s directorial Dhadak.

The news of sudden demise of Sridevi has shocked the entire film industry.


Sridevi began her acting career as a child artist in Tamil films at the tender age of 4 and became a popular child actor having been a part of several Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films, before she landed up in Bollywood. Sridevi’s debut venture in Bollywood came when she made an appearance in the film Julie in 1975in which she played the lead actor Lakshmi’s little sister.

She began playing the lead in Tamil films at the age of 13 with Moondru Mudichu and was part of several popular hits including 16 Vayathinile, Sigappu Rojakkal, Premabhishekam and Moondram Pirai. Sridevi’s debut as a lead in Hindi films began with Solva Sawan in 1978 and she never looked back. Films like Himmatwala, Mawali and Tohfa made her immensely popular among the masses. But it was her performance in films like Sadma, Mr India, Chandni, Chaalbaaz, Nagina and Lamhe that eventually made her a superstar.

However, she had to take a 15-year long break from films after marrying producer Boney Kapoor in 1996. Sridevi made a comeback to films in 2012 with English Vinglish. Sridevi was last seen on the silver screen in the film  Mom last year, portraying the role of a mother who takes revenge of her daughter’s rape.

Khaleej Times report says that India’s first and most iconic female superstar Sridevi was getting ready for a dream dinner date with her husband Boney Kapoor in Dubai before she reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest at their hotel room and died on Saturday evening. According to a source close to the family, Kapoor flew back from Mumbai and went to her room at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel around 5:30pm to “surprise” her with dinner.

He woke her up and the couple chatted for about 15 minutes before he invited her for dinner. The Chandni-fame star then went to the washroom. After 15 minutes passed and Sridevi did not come out, Kapoor knocked on the door to check on her. When he got no response, he forced open the door to find the legendary actor lying motionless in the bathtub full of water. “He tried to revive her and when he could not, he called a friend of his. After that, he informed the police at 9pm,” said the source as per the report.

The police and paramedics rushed to the site, but she was pronounced dead. Her body was taken to the General Department of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy.

Sridevi, Boney Kapoor, and younger daughter Khushi Kapoor were in Ras Al Khaimah early last week to celebrate the wedding of her nephew Mohit Marwah. Boney Kapoor had returned to Mumbai after the wedding, but decided to come back to ‘surprise’ his wife.

If gets confirmed we can do story Sri Devi’s surprised dinner date could not happened or last 15 minutes in life of Sri Devi, Khaleej Times report said



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