‘Gandhi’s Delhi’ is a complete book on Gandhi Ji’s life in ND

‘GANDHI’S DELHI’ is a must read book, penned by VIivek Shukla, a well-respected journalist based out of New Delhi, is a gripping tale of the Mahatma’s intimate association with Delhi, where he spent more time than any other place in India..the style of narration is simple, informal and straight..while reading this book, I was introduced to so many facts of Gandhiji’s association with Delhi that was unknown to me till then.. particularly the chapter relating to the events leading up to the tragic assassination of the Mahatma..the chapter on Gandhiji and Ambedkar is another revelation, bringing out their distinct styles of approach to the issues of the day..
In fact, this book is unputdownable from the time you pick it up. The author Vivekbhai has painstakingly weaved together the events of  Mahatma’s life in Delhi in those tumultuous, pre-Independence days..though by now, we are quite familiar with the teachings and life of Gandhiji, yet the care with which Vivekbhai has joined the dots of Gandhiji’s life in Delhi is remarkable..
A must read book for it’s fluid, informal style of narrative, full of insights into the life of Gandhiji in Delhi..


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