Gas fired crematorium at Karwar

A gas fired crematorium was inaugurated at Karawe , Seawoods by Mayor of Navi Mumbai Jaywant Sutar & Commissioner of NMMC Annasaheb Misal (IAS)
Keeping the environment concerns in mind an NGO, NaviMumbai Charitable Foundation has fully sponsored the conversion of idle and unused electric furnace into Gas Fired furnace in the Karawe Crematorium in Association with NMMC. NaviMumbai Charitable Foundation will also take care of the operations and maintenance of the Crematorium for the next 1 year. 
Gopal Barasia Chairman NaviMumbai Charitable Foundation said ‘ Gas based environmental friendly crematorium was a necessity in Navi Mumbai and we are happy to also be associated in the operation and maintenance of this crematorium. We request the citizens of Navi Mumbai to spread the awareness about this gas based crematorium so that it can be utilised by maximum number of citizens. We are grateful to NMMC who have given us the opportunity to serve the citizens of this city of 21st century.’
Sandeep Sampat, one of the Trustees who was present at the Ceremony said “So many trees are felled and burnt for the cremation of one body. Such gas fired Crematorium has now come up in Navi Mumbai which will be useful for citizens who are environment conscious.”
Raajesh Prajapati Trustee stated ‘ Nowadays citizens , specially youngsters are now more aware of the consequences which can happen if environment is not taken care of. Educated people have now come out of the superstition of being cremated on wooden pyre. They are more open to cremate their elders with gas based technology. Hence we have supported this facility in order to fulfil the need of this large community of citizens.’


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