A ‘Ghost’ abets a woman to commit suicide

Does the spirit of a dead person ever ask anyone to take extreme step what suicide is? However, it’s what has happened in a village in Vadodara district of Gujarat, a media report says. In fact the Gujarat Police has lodged an FIR against an “unknown ghost” in an attempted suicide case of a woman in Vadodara district. This kind of FIR being lodged by any state police is unique.
The incident took place in Chokari village falling in Padra taluka of Vadodara when a young housewife made an abortive attempt to commit suicide by pouring kerosene on her body and thus setting herself on fire. Though her family members came to her rescue her before she was completely burnt and admitted her to the Government SSG hospital in Vadodara. Disputed theories are coming on what prompted the woman to attempt sucu an extreme step. Her father says it may be due to his daughter being harrassed by her in-laws and she might have cited the reason to cover up the real issue. Though he maintained that he never heard from her of any complaint relating to her being a victim of days mestic violence.
 When police, as per an agency report, asked her the reason to attempt suicide, Manisha Padhiyar claimed that she was “instructed by a ghost” to pour kerosene on herself and die. “It was on the instructions of the ghost that I first poured kerosene on my body and when the ghost asked me to set myself on fire, I lit the matchstick,” she told police.
The Gujarat State Police have registered the complaint and in the column for the accused’s name, entered “unknown ghost”.
When reporters questioned her in-laws, they claimed that she narrated the same story to them too.
When her father was contacted by mediapersons, he said, “My daughter must have attempted suicide because of some domestic violence in her in-laws house and instruction by ghost was a framed-up story by her in-laws,” he claimed. But he also admitted that she had never complained of any ill treatment by her in-laws and he too was told about “instructions by ghost” to his daughter to kill herself. Further investigation into the matter was still on. Of course, the news relating to the bizarre incident comes on the heels of the nerve cracking Burari mass suicide case in New Delhi, in which 11 members of a family hanged themselves in their house simultaneously to appease a ‘dead person’ in the family.



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