Good and bad pictures of life


Zig–zag and tragic-comical paths of life leave no time for smile, laughter and humour. Materialist reality of the 21st century is that all over the world faces have become gloomy. Almost weeping and completely tired bodies we often find moving in markets, hotels, schools, government offices, restau-rants, cinema halls, parks and gardens and even in temples and places of worship. God is in trouble for He finds no one coming to Him full of energy and enthusiasm. Even the Almighty has got bored entertaining these beggar-like devotees asking for peace and prosperity in him. But God is God and He cannot take help from anybody for if He starts asking for help then His existence would be in danger. So, He alone is to bear with men and women and young boys and girls who come and stand on their knees.
Some of them show Him the dejected, rejected and down and out faces which always keep crying and weeping. Look at the family. In any family of two plus one or two plus two; one can see different opinions on silliest matters. They may fight over which vegetable will be cooked on a certain day. Father the king or so called benevolent dictator prefers lady finger to other green veggies, but daughter more often than not thinks just against what her father has in mind. She puts forward her desire and declares that today “I want pumpkin and no other dish”.
Mother and son too feel differently. Ultimately some-one will win and the loser while taking meals will make faces, grumbles, eat less and show his or her anger to the group called family. Father, the bread-earner, now-a-days has become nobody in the family. Fathers who used cycle chains and belts to beat their sons and daughters on those golden days are now afraid of their children. For his wife’s salary is double than what he brings home after doing hard labour for eight hours and more. Now, the lady is not simple Indian mother, but holds grip on her children. And children know the fact that mom has more money. They know that the flat also is purchased with mom’s resources. She got maximum loan from her company and the poor papa’s application was rejected for he was over-burdened with other advances so there was no chance of his getting loan for flat. All of us know that  money means power and power gives a man or woman to use it properly and effectively and efficiently.
This poor nation has changed very rapidly. No one ever had thought that a day would come when ordinary clerks would enter into the office driving four wheelers. Never our young boys and girls were so assertive. The entire generation is in a hurry. They want to make love in a posh restaurant. Believe in straight away telling the girl “I love you and I want to know what you feel about me”. The girl also is generally having two or three choices and options so she has to think before making a commitment. Now, fast comparison tells her that this third young boy though very fast in asking her hand, is monetarily better placed than the other two. She knows the power of money, she understands that one among the other two is the most sincere, honest and balanced also but his father belongs to the lower middle class segment of society so she feels it would be very troublesome life ahead and if she decides to marry him then there is a possibility that a big share of her earning would also go in making that family’s life comfortable. Though that gentle young man is more affectionate yet marrying him would be an idiotic decision. And decision goes in favour of this very fast dynamic, smart, young, and promising boy. Circumstances are changed.

What was right and correct yesterday has become backward and regressive today. It is the duty of our citizens to follow the path of change. But the dog’s tail can never be straighten, therefore struggle everywhere is going on. Oldies, though having difficulty in breathing slow and fast, are trying to fight the battle which is unnecessary. How can a husband earning less than his better-half command authority. His simple duty is to make analysis of the situation objectively and do necessary adjustments to keep the emotion and relationship going on. Otherwise, doors are open and he any time may be asked to go out with his bag and baggage. In families where wives are not earning more, but have the backing of the Domestic Violence Act that can effectively be used against husbands, wisdom is there to accept the situation without grudge or complain.
How wonderful it is to know that where a four member family is not manageable, over 125-crore people are being taken care of in a democracy. It seems that this crowd knows first of all that any demand can be made anytime because in democracy we are the owners. This ownership feeling has gone deep into the heads and minds of many a men and women resulting in disturbances and chaos. But our politicians think less, talk more and never act positively, therefore smallest matters flare up and public transport vehicles are set on fire. This ownership emotion has taught our leaders to create situation and they never hesitate to stoke fire in already burning issues.
But there is similarity in running the small families of three and four members and looking after the system of the over 125-crore populated society called India. In a family, members have a bond of blood. They know that the contract signed by one man and a woman to make out a family is perpetual and permanent. In the same way, the political parties and leaders also have the clear knowledge that win or lose, the system is going to be there and future is not always in dark. For the constitutional system is permanent and forever. The family will be broken only when divorce is given by either party, but here the system can be overthrown only by using force which is generally not possible.
So, notwithstanding problems, life is neither good nor bad. It is giving us mixed taste and our duty is to enjoy it by heart and soul. Let us go to the places of worship with smiles on our lips and should there not we go with gloomy and weeping and sobbing faces. Let God also be happy YAAR.
The views expressed are personal


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