Good work done by RPF staff of Central Railway


On 7 August,  PLT detection staff HC Vikas Patil, HC Dinesh Patil, CT Akhilesh Kumar & CT Sandeep Khushwah noticed one suspect trying to escape after snatching the mobile of a passenger in Panvel bound local train at Kurla PF No.7. The RPF staff chased and nabbed the accused and brought him to RPF Post Kurla. On enquiry the accused disclosed his name as Rasul Munna Shaikh, aged 34 yrs , R/o Byculla West, Mumbai and the snatched Oppo Redmi- I mobile was recovered from his possession. The victim passenger on attending RPF office Kurla revealed his name as Mohamad Talaha Abdulla khan, aged 21yrs, R/o Sanpada, New Mumbai. The accused was handed over to GRP Wadala , who regd a case vide Cr.No. 1954/18 U/s 392 IPC *1(b). In another development, a mobile thief was arrested by RPF staff of  Dadar in Mumbai Division.



On August 06, a lady named lZinat Banu Azizul Haq aged 20 years R/o Andheri (East), approached CT Nitin Mistry and informed that her mobile was stolen on 05/08/2018 at about 22:00 hrs at PF No 1, Dadar CR. Next day when she checked her E mail ID Mobile she saw a photo of an unknown person and photo of a confirmed reservation ticket of Train No 10005 dn with PNR No. 8430659274, berth No S3/8  dated 06/08/2018.  At this she was sure that her mobile was stolen by this person who has booked the tkt. After  receiving  this information CT Nitin Mistry informed PLT staff CT J S Kale and CT Vijay Bhosle who immediately attended the train, searched the coach and found the passenger seated on the said berth. On enquiry he disclosed his name as Selvaraj Ratan Shetty aged 32 years R/o Malad (West). An MI 4A Mobile was recovered on personal search which the complainant identified to be hers. Later the accused and recovered mobile was handed over to GRP Dadar  where a case has been registered against him vide ACR.No. 1976/2018 U/s 379 IPC.



In yet another development,  Rescue minor children/women/distressed passengers were rescued.
Two minor girls were rescued by RPF staff of Karjat, CIB & ASC office Kalyan staff in Mumbai Division.
On 06 August, an information was received from Police Thana Bhadoi, UP, that two minor girls named (withheld) aged 16 yrs and (name withheld) aged 16 both students of 10th class were missing from their residence since 04 August. As such, a joint team consisting of officer & staff of RPF post Karjat, ASC office Kalyan & CIB to trace out the missing minor girls. Accordingly, SI PD Patil of ASC office Kalyan traced out the locations of mobile numbers provided by relatives of missing girls in Khopoli area. The team immediately searched the location and traced both the minor girls near Rly station Khopoli. Both the girls were brought to RPF Post KJT and their parents & UP police were informed.  On 07.8.18  father of minor girl  & uncle of other girl  attended RPF post Karjat with one PSI & CT of Bhadoi Police station, UP. Both minor girls were handed over to them after due formalities.


Meanwhile a minor child  was rescued by RPF staff of Panvel in Mumbai Division. On duty ASI B N Patil found a child weeping on PF No.6 of Panvel station. He brought the child to RPF office where on enquiry by SI Avinash Rao the boy revealed his name as (name withheld),  aged 12 yrs and stated that a man forcefully took him on his bike and dropped him at Panvel. He gave his fathers mobile number. SI Avinash Rao contacted his father on mobile and informed him. Later the boy’s father arrived at RPF thana where the minor boy was handed over to him after due formalities.
A minor girl was rescued by RPF staff of Turbhe in Mumbai Division. CT Nilesh Dalvi of Turbhe post while conducting checks at Rabale station noticed that a girl aged about 15 yrs was moving alone in distressed condition on platform. On enquiry she disclosed her name (withheld), R/o Nerul, Navi-Mumbai (staying with her Uncle and Aunty). she ran away from her house and was roaming around since the last 03 days. On 05 August, city police registered the case vide Cr.No. 280/2018 U/s 363 IPC. Hence Sr PI Nerul Police Station was informed who directed API Wankhede a/w staff attended where the girl was handed over after due formalities.


A minor boy was rescued of a Minor Boy by RPF staff of Nagpur Post in Nagpur Division.
On 07 August,  during patrolling ASI Baghel and LCT Sushma Dhomne noticed one minor boy in distressed condition on PF No 1 of Nagpur station. On enquiry he disclosed his name (name withheld) aged 14 R/o Nagpur and stated that he left home due to a dispute. He was brought to RPF thana Nagpur where he was handed over to Child Line care for further legal action. Retrieval and handing over of Passenger belongings. A mobile phone was retrieved and was handed over by RPF staff of Igatpuri in Mumbai Division.


On 07 August, ASI SK Saini duringb his round was approached by a Passenger who deposited a mobile phone forgotten by a passenger. After some time a call was received on the mobile where the caller introduced herself as Dr Archana Babulal Chaudhary, R/o Nasik and stated that she was travelling by 11094 up from Jalgaon to Nasik Rd where she alighted forgetting her mobile phone on the berth. The same was handed over to Dr Archana after due formalities.
Interestingly a bag wasvrecovered by the police and was handed over by RPF staff of Turbhe in Mumbai Division.
A special passenger named Virendra Triveni Prasad Mishra R/o Digha, Navi-Mumbai while travelling from Vashi alighted at Airoli station but forgot to take his bag containing signed cheques amounting to Rs 20,38,702 and other important documents. On realising about the bag the passenger immediately contacted CT Shriom at Airoli station who attended the said train on its return journey and retrieved the  bag. Later the bag along with other documents was handed over to the Divyang passenger after due formalities.


In another case, a cellphone was retrieved and handed over by RPF staff of Mulund in Mumbai Division. CT Pradeep during his round found one Samsung mobile on PF No 03 of Bhandup Rly station. He brought the mobile and deposited it with duty ASI RG Bansode who traced and informed the owner through contact list in mobile. Later a person named Sunil Ashok Bhingardhighe, R/o Ambernath attended RPF post and revealed that due to heavy rush in train he lost the samsung Mobile. After due verification & nessesary formalities mobile was handed over to the owner. Similarly, a purse wasvretrieved and handed over by RPF staff of Nagpur Post in Nagpur Division.  LCT Nutankumari & Vandanakumari found one purse lying on the platform and the same was deposited at RPF Thana Nagpur. After sometime one person named Devendra Ujwane, R/o Nagpur came to thana and reported about the missing his purse. ASI Baghel showed him the seized purse and he identified it as his own. The same was handed over to him after due formalities.



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