Govt’s move to lateral appointment of bureaucrats from outside hog controversy


The Modi government’s latest move to fill the posts of ten joint secretaries directly, bypassing Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is another nail hammered in the coffin of the Constitution of India, feel the experts. It is despite the fact that government has also planned to send senior bureaucrats to take up the senior management positions in the corporate houses on a deputation basis.

Going by the advertisements issued in the prominent newspapers yesterday by the ministry of personnel and training, there are no mandatory reservations for SC/ST or OBC categories,

Dr Jitendra Awhad Said.

“One may assume that this is also a ploy to begin the end of reservations that has always been a secret agenda of RSS. Emboldened and blind with power, BJP is executing it with no regrets and surrendering to a section of society whose vote bank which is currently upset with it thanks to price rise and is on the verge of breaking its affair with BJP, he added. ”




What is this recruitment for? Modi government desires to hire ten “policy maker” joint secretaries, a very senior position in bureaucratic hierarchy, in ten of its departments including finance, defence, education, agriculture. The qualifications required are a graduate in any faculty, minimum age 40 and an experience of fifteen years in any public sector company, private sector company, banks or even a multinational company. These candidates would not have to take the UPSC examination. They will be selected after an “interaction” with senior officers in the government. This is reprehensible to say the least, he said.

He further said, “Let me explain why it is so. Normally, millions of aspiring young men and women appear for UPSC examination every year after preparing for it for a year or two. Many quit their existing jobs since the preparation, examination and finally the interviews is a rigorous process. For those who sail through it successfully, it takes 15 to 18 years to reach the rank of joint Secretary. Hiring people at this level directly is unfair to those who come through the process of UPSC.”

However, that’s not the real issue. You must understand that UPSC is an autonomous constitutional body designed to select the officers in the administrative services. In these ten appointments where UPSC will have no role to play, is a clear indication that after RBI, Election Commission, UGC, CAG, and judiciary, Modi wants to undermine and bundle out yet another body called UPSC. Articles 14, 15 & 16 say that the UPSC must ensure sufficient representation of backward communities in the recruitment by UPSC. Article 320 makes it compulsory that all candidates go through the procedure of competitive examinations and interviews. Modi has deceitfully skirted the constitution by not involving UPSC in these appointments at all. My fear is this may not remain a one off case but instead become a precedent for future if not opposed now.

That RSS men will be planted on these positions is crystal clear. I will not be surprised to see executives from Modi’s favourite business houses suddenly becoming “policy makers” in finance, commerce and defence ministries. It is an open secret that their priorities would not be a welfare of the people but something else.

I distinctly remember the resentment in IAS cadre when UPA government floated the concept of performance based and not seniority based promotions. It was opposed tooth and nail. Why is this powerful lobby silent now is a mystery. We should not though, when the administrative framework of the country is being gifted to political ideology and being sold to commercial interests, he said.

Meanwhile, the government has asked the DOPT to work out the plan how to send the senior bureaucrats to work in corporate houses and utilise their experiences when they are back to their offices in the government departments.



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