Hawkings and Indian Politics have one thing in common – the black hole


This week , two major news shook India . One is the death of Stephen Hawkings , the great physicist , whose black hole theory is one of his many contributions to the world of science . Hailed as one of the greatest scientists of all time and a man , who despite of the physical disability, failed to give up. 

The other news is the loss of BJP in the Lok Sabha By elections in UP and Bihar . This has shaken up the ruling party because of the hype created around Yogi Adityanath and the loss of BJP in his home turf , Gorakhpur. The strategy of SP and BSP in coming together after decades of visible animosity and hatred for each other . This proved to be a master stroke with the consolidation of the minority and backward class votes.


This brings us back to the comparison of these two events . While the black hole sucks into itself anything in its vicinity due to the gravitational pull , Indian polity too sucks . The country is moving forward into an era of technology and entrepreneurship. There is a start up india and a Digital india on one side in a country that has a majority of young population and milennials and who are least bothered about the caste and religion of the other people . On the other side of the spectrum is the old wily political class which uses caste and religion to suck people into their fold similar to a black hole . The illiterate class , who form the majority of voters , are sucked into this black hole of politics . Looking forward , it is necessary that the youth come out in large numbers and vote without being sucked into this political black hole and it is only these young people who could resist this gravitational pull of caste and religious posturing. 

So the moral of the story is , it is not right to just crib about the current state of affairs and take a back seat . To take India forward , the young will have to come to power and take the country into their hands and replace the regressive thinking of the old black hole sucking political guard . Sitting on the sidelines and complaining is easy but doesn’t solve the purpose . Come out and take charge . 

Rest in Peace Stephen ! We will miss you. 



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