Human greed strengthens monster of corruption


Water water everywhere
But not a drop to drink
This is the story of a sailor who when thirsty cannot quench his thirst although there were water everywhere. This song is about sea waters which sailors see in east, west, north and south standing on the deck of the ship, and all know that sea water is not potable. This poem is known as “Song Of Sailors” Today, men and women, boys and girls, workers and farmers, bosses and subordinates, employers and employees, traders and businessmen, everybody is facing the same problem on land which the sailors face on the ship. Parody of “Song of Sailor” quoted below explains helplessness of people.
“Money money everywhere
But not a penny for me
And not a pound for my family”
Such is the situation we are locked in. Everyday news of seizure in crores is appearing in the newspapers. Our state government on the floor of the house has informed that in last five years, four billion eleven lakh rupees have been seized by the Anti Corruption Bureau, our National Investigation Agency has unearthed seventy thousand crore rupees from different people. News about some four thousand rupees fraud has been appeared on Monday’s newspapers and then six hundred, five hundred and two hundred crores stories are reported almost regularly.
Raids on suspicious people give interesting data. Income not disclosed is accepted by all and it is fifty, sixty, seventy or eighty crores also. Those who look lean, thin and not so robust tell that it happened through an oversight. The word “oversight” nowadays has become most popular amongst defaulters. And this goes on unabated. Big names are given to frauds and gossip goes on in restaurants, pan shops and coffee houses. This is not the end of the story. There are reports of Ponzy schemes in which crores are deposited by innocent men and women and there is now no hope of return of their hard earned money. Thousands and lakhs of people come and report that they have lost lakhs because they relied on the promises the companies made of making their money double in six months.
Our officers are doing third rate job of counting such money the whole day. It is said that in New Delhi from the house of one of the engineers, hard cash in a room was found. The amount was so big that a team was constituted for counting the cash which took days to complete the task. The situation is serious and now all know that corruption has taken a shape of monster and perhaps no power on earth can wipe it out completely. But, there is no downfall of prestige of those who were raided. On the contrary their position in financial market has been strengthened manifold for the trading community came to know that whatever was unearthed, was nothing but very small part of his real wealth . They think that real money may still be with him and he would bring it in the market only after getting freed from ups and downs of this tricky business of raids and seizures.
One pan shop owner said that this evasion of tax is made crime by the authorities who took out our money without our permission. Before imposing tax nobody comes and asks whether you agree to pay? While handing pan to his customer he said “Sir, will anybody like to deposit thirty lakh out of one crore earned to the government? And Sir, who these politicians are? Some are criminals; some are illiterate and some having nothing to do, enter this profession called politics.” Corruption they agree must be curbed, and it is also known to one and all that this is international phenomenon. There is no system which does not have this problem of corruption. Richest America too is not free from this grave disease. Those talk more of equality are more corrupt in comparison. Look at China, they have started hanging corrupt people but some say and argue that system is being used to kill voice of dissent and those hanged were given no chance to defend themselves. In our nation the CBI has been given the work of probing and investigating corruption cases and this highly skilled organization is busy calculating bundles of notes seized by them.  But there is no other way to arrest and throw this monster out of our system. Unless smart cops are appointed and given the job nothing is going to happen.
This central organization only is more capable of getting real offenders and sending them behind bars. First of all, it was 2 G scam, then it was coal auction and from then till now scams are occupying maximum space of our daily newspapers. Not a single case is in lakhs, story runs in crores and touches millions and billions and trillions of rupees. All read and think that something positive is going on. These stories have thrown news of poverty, starvation deaths, farmers’ suicides and many more out of front pages of the newspapers. For last three years and more this is going on, some are arrested and some are afraid of being arrested. All know greed plays very negative role in making any man or woman to become corrupt. Those who have even little power start thinking that asking for some money is not immoral so they start asking for extra benefit. Generally everybody is in a hurry and wants his work should be done in no time so he passes some amount. This way money changes hand and a chain is created which becomes stronger with every new deal.
So, what should be done is the most important question before every system. Hard action may be a solution but time may come when those who are entrusted to take hard actions would also go corrupt, then again the question would arise –What to do now?  Greed is human weakness. Weakness is not a disease but it is more destructive than any contagious disease. One corrupt man encourages many to follow his line for his life style with corrupt money is changed and that is the cause of jealousy for others. So, this chain is powerful, may take time and leave no time with the system to do any other positive and developmental work. System must think and decide how both ends can meet. System must fight with corruption at the same time it must go ahead with the policies taking nation on the path of progress and prosperity.
Views expressed are author’s personal.



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