IFWJ stands by fearless journalist Umesh Kumar, let the thug know it


The unceremoniously expelled President of the IFWJ K Vikram Rao for his fraud, lies, cheating and misuse of the organisation has issued a ridiculous clarification in his abysmally bad Hindi and ridiculously corrupt English in the name of one Vipin Dhuliya, who is blissfully ignorant of what is being sent in his name. Rao must have fleeced the journalists, their national and international organisations and different governments of various hues and colours with not less than hundred crores have got the cheeks to call other fearless journalists as blackmailers. It is like ‘ulta chor kotwal ko daante’.

Rao has lost his mental balance because of the frustration and rebuff that he has been getting from all over the country after his expulsion from the IFWJ in November 2015. He calls meetings at different places, but nobody listens to him. What to say of journalists, now not even tourists, take any notice of his call. He had to humble pie at Patna, Ranchi, Jaisalmer and somewhere in Kerala and Kanyakumari. Anyway, this is altogether different matter because genuine journalists always hated him and considered it below their dignity to be seen with him anywhere. He claims himself to be a detenu of Emergency but does not tell the fact that for his release he stabbed his other colleagues in their backs by allegedly becoming an approver and tendering and an apology to the authorities, which any self-respecting person will be ashamed of., IFWJ vic president, Hemant Tiwary said in a statement.

Look at the fraud of this man, he said, that he says that a senior journalist of Samachar Plus, Umesh Kumar does not have any relationship with IFWJ. A person, who has been thrown out from the IFWJ by the overwhelming majority of the members now issues a certificate about another respectable journalist and member of the organisation. How can he do it when he himself has been thrown out of the IFWJ? Surely, it can be done only a mentally deranged person. This man stopped working decades before his retirement from the Times of India but was being rewarded by the management for spying against the union and union leaders. He got his salary month after month till his retirement. Apart from it, the management used to pay him fabulous amounts for working against the Unions. He is indeed a despicable blackleg.

Now come to his pedestrian understanding of journalism. He believes only in press release journalism and that is why he is against investigative journalism. He does not know that the words and deeds associated with ‘whistle-blower’, ‘sting operation’ and ‘cover-up’ journalism have acquired a respectable meaning in the realm of investigative journalism. Any journalist, who takes the risk of exposing the truth by sting operations deserve admiration from the journalists’ community. It is because of such journalists the cases of corruption rampant among politicians, bureaucrats, police officials, businessmen and other sleek operators come to the fore. The society is indebted to them. Journalists community should stand behind such courageous journalists like a rock. It is no wonder that corrupt elements gang up and try to paint such bold journalists as blackmailers. But this should be taken as a badge of honour by any journalist, who is committed to the cause of the society and the good of the country, he said.

Therefore, Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ) wishes to reiterate that in this hour of crisis it stands solidly behind Umesh Kumar of TV Channel ‘Samachar Plus’ when some corrupt elements are trying their best to implicate him in cooked up cases. The aim of the Union is to extend all support to any journalist, who is distress and not to pull his legs and that is what a fourth-grade journalist and a black leg trade unionist Mr Rao has done. Fortunately, everybody dismisses him for his habit of speaking unmixed lies. This man must be given a resounding kick, again and again, by all sensible persons. Shame on you Mr Thug. Don’t worry, you will not be able to escape for very long from the long hands of the law. It is soon going to catch you, he added.


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