India’s first children’s news service to be launched on Children’s Day

Step Aside Arnab Goswami and his tribe. Joining the fourth estate with a plan to make radical changes are our very own Scrappy News Anchors and Reporters. Part of the Children’s Scrappy News Service, these warriors will be launched on a digital platform in India on 14th November 2017 marking Children’s Day by Delhi- based NGO ‘Going To School’. And guess what – their newsrooms are built completely out of scrap to cater to the Children’s Scrappy News Service.
Who are the Scrappy News Anchors?
The Children’s Scrappy News Service which is a makeshift news service, is a news-talk-game show run by kids for kids, taking on India’s biggest problems and solving them with design-thinking and scrappy skills.These are our young warriors selected from 700 candidates and are geared to find solutions to problems faced by adults and youngsters.
Among the Scrappy news anchors is child anchor Dheeraj aged 10 who pledges to make sure that adults sit up and pay heed to the issues they address and begin to act on the same.
Another child anchor Valeska aged 11 says that she feels it important to talk to people who they think can bring about a change and hence is determined to leave no stone unturned to work towards the same.
The newsrooms which are being set up in Bengaluru, Mumbai and across 14 places in Bihar will have Scrappy kid anchors invite guests like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, entrepreneurs, parents among others into the newsroom to discuss the pertinent issues and with top tips from their guests, these kid anchors from their newsroom will connect to kid reporters across India who would be interviewing adults to find solutions to the problems and spending the rest of the day with local heroes also referred to as Scrappy heroes who have a solution to the various problems discussed.



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