“I’ve made people Hero from Zero and they still remember it”- Jayant Pandey


Jayant Pandey is an eminent Astrologer and Vaastu Expert, who started his Astrological Studies in 1985 from grandfather and soon decided to pursue it as a career. With this determination, he explored every aspect of Astrology. Pandey, who is popular as Brand Astrologer, has done extensive research in the field of business astrology which has benefited more than 30,000 clients so far.

Jayant Ji is founder of Katyaayani Jyotish, My Solutions and Astro Country. He is Vice President at All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies (AIFAS) founded in 2001 and has more than 100 branches in the world. AIFAS is dedicated to offer authentic education in Astrology, Vaastu and Numerology. Jayant Ji’s contribution in world of Astrology and Research to connect the ancient astrology with modern lifestyle and challenges is remarkable and has been recognized by individuals and institutions from time to time. He was awarded with Gold Medal by Bose Institute, Kolkata, due to his excellence in studying more than thousand horoscopes and deriving the marital solutions for the astrological issues in the horoscope. Jayant Ji is currently offering his services in Business Astrology right from Start-Ups to Large Enterprises. His unique Brand Astrology is highly sought after by Celebrities, Players, Politicians, Industrialists and Business Owners as well.


Excerpt of an exclusive Mitaan Express interview

  1. What is Brand Astrology?

Kaatyaayani Jyotish has launched a new concept of Brand Astrology. We are 30 years old brand that has the reputation of helping different brands through Astrology, Numerology, Energy Vaastu, Signature. As rightly said by Shri Varahamihira, “There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life. In Brand Astrology, we suggest you the name of your company, logo, identify negative energy in workplace and suggest solutions for the same.

Today, a host of companies are faced with financial losses due to some reason or the other. To elaborate it, the companies invest heavily in certain projects, still they are unable to achieve their objectives. What is the reason behind this? Is your company’s name favorable according to your name? Is your company’s logo appropriate? Is your working place energy balanced? We help and advise you solutions to all these problems.

2. What kinds of services provided by your organization?

We provide various kinds of services which include Brand Name Identification, Brand name numerology, Workplace Vastu Analysis, Logo and stationary designing, brand color decision, promoter’s Astro and Vaastu, Brand name identification and Signature. I will discuss them one by one.

Brand Name Identification

Brand Name is most important factor in Business Success. The name of any entity associated with an Individual has an Impact on Individual and vice versa. Brand Astrologer brings a unified approach of identifying the best suited name for the business.


Numerology is a great science if used with utmost perfection and care. The Brand Name numerology will help understand a business owner about the Impact of the Brand Name Number on the Business. This is very much useful for the existing businesses to get a complete report of the business predictions.


It is one of the Most Sought After Service by Business People. The Vaastu of workplace impacts the decision making capability, money inflow vs outflow, behavior, relationships with people inside and outside organization, growth, attraction or repulsion of problems like lawsuits, etc.


Logo is blended with color and the graphical symbolic representation of business concept. Both of them play a crucial role in deciding the destiny of the businesses. The Company Logo, Symbol and Visiting Card basically act as the signature of a company. The Company’s Logo, Symbol and Visiting Card reflect the strengths and weaknesses of an organization.


Brand Color suggestion is unique service which considers the Brand Name, Promoter’s Kundali (Horoscope), Brand Name Numerology, Business Type, Vaastu, etc to decide the brand color. This brand color selection comes up with recommendation to use the color in Infrastructure etc.


Brand Astrologer is expert in Astrology and vaastu analysis for Business. The complete analysis is done of both the workplace and home for the business partners. This identifies the energy gap at home and workplace. The Brand Astrologer recommends the solution to QA.


Even though our basic system works on Graphology to begin with, still it is quite different from normal accepted old system in the world of Graphology. We have developed it entirely in a different way. Our de-codifications for various traits are is quite different. Graphologists throughout the world believed earlier that signature reflects as to how a person wants to pose himself and that handwriting reveals the truth. Various traits were accordingly de-codified in old Graphology.

3. In an era of science how do you think the astrology can make a difference?

Well, I see that people are rather going gaga over astrology to make it big in their businesses. In my personal experience, I have got the site of projects cleared of dead bodies, if any as presence of such things has its effect in the growth of a company’s business. Let me add here I’ve made a host of people Hero from Zero by my tremendous astrological powers. The good thing is they still keep my contribution live in their memories and keep visiting me even after achieving success.

4. Normally what is your language when you address your devotees?

I have travelled far and wide across the world. The only thing that wherever I go, I talk in Hindi only. However, the organizers don’t mid it and they rather translate my speeches in English so I needn’t worry about the language I should use to address various kinds of disciples.



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