Jail term for 260 WhatsApp gr admns

In Pune, Mumbai, Chennai & Delhi, more than 260 group admn have been sent to jail.  Hence an appeal has been made to all group members is that no group member should forward photo of Sonia, Rahul, Modi, Kejriwal or any political leader or political party. In Pune Police are watching whatsapp. One urgent appeal to pay attention….! All are being Informed that the cyber crime has started watching all group folders. People living in Mumbai and Pune have been advised to delete either the group formed by them or warn the group members. They have been advised not to post any kind of messages which ridicule religious, political, social system or bad pictures or videos.
Everyone has been urged not to send any type of damaging message pertaining to personal details, personal, nationality, religion, sect, radical, customs and geographical area. This is a crime under law. Cyber crime in Mumbai arrested 36 members of a  WhatsApp group who shared a video and photo. As such all group members are informed to be guarded of such messages. This is a non-bailable offence for which there may be 7 years sentence. This information is in the interest of public. Read without fail. One important information: People are posting comments in WhatsApp on Hindus and Muslims. One investigation committee is formed to track  any person making wrong comments on religion and communal groups and to take action under section 44-58 of CPC and by tracing his IP addresses his house will be traced and he will be arrested without any warranty. Section 59 will be applied to group admins if such messages are in group. So if you are a group admin remove such person from group at first instance so that you can avoid trouble. Please forward this message to all groups, friends and relatives so that they will be vigilant and protect themselves.


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