Kya Banoge Munna – Politician, Bureaucrat or Businessman? By Jawahar Surisetti


I recently was on Career Yatra 2016, a customary career awareness year after year to the interiors of Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand. For a change, I found students opting for politician as a career choice. I was telling them how a change in the society changes the careers. And the answer was available in the next week itself, when the Agusta Westland scam broke out. It was all over the place, with all 24 hour channels running breaking news on different aspects of the deal. And the figures of the bribes ranged from Rs 150 crore to 1000 crore.
So it looked good to a young man watching TV that the easiest way to make money is either to be a part of the political system or be a bureaucrat or be a businessman. Hence the altered career choices. As I look back into the history since I have seen it in the past 40 years, I find very few politicians escaping the charges of corruption like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Narendra Modi (till date), AK Antony, Manohar Parrikar, Manmohan Singh, Arvind Kejriwal to name a few. I find a few businessmen like Ratan Tata or the whole Tata lineage and Narayana Murthy who stand apart in terms of ethics.
There are quite a few bureaucrats who have made a name for themselves by being honest and upright. But the number of the tainted is far more than those who are squeaky clean. So when an Italian court says that there was political patronage to the middlemen, the involvement of the bureaucracy, officials of the armed forces and eventually the investigating agencies are evident in the cover up.  And the system is so well oiled that an Italian Court has to throw open this open secret. And the Congress defence is what the current Government was doing for 2 years.
It is as if we are admitting the theft but blaming the masters of today for not having nabbed the thief. Looks as if the people in power, after coming to power feel that the people who have voted them in are fools and they can cheat, loot and commit dacoity of public money, which is actually that of the taxpayers. They twist, turn, manipulate facts and figures to earn money and they use the services of the bureaucracy and high ranking officials and with this connivance they fill the pockets of everyone in the chain. I am amused when I remember a movie long ago where a group of unemployed youth holding plastic guns looted the bank and when the bank manager gets hold of them, they bribe him, when the security catches them, they bribe him and so on.
At the end the loot happens with the cooperation of everyone and they party in an island after distributing the loot. The film was titled “Hold Up”. I see a strange coincidence between this film and the current state of affairs. Everyone involved parties with the loot and the people left to cry is the taxpayer. So I  see a reason why the career choices in the youth are changing. Since we take pride in wealth and there have been many cases of people like Laloo going to jail, coming back and still being a valued part of the system, there is no reason why ethics should be valued. This is the perception of the youth and hence they run after careers that could give them shortcut to riches rather the traditional hard work and honesty route.
*Dr. Jawahar Surisetti is  well known educationist & Motivator


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